Our Choice: The Earth and the Emptiness or Fullness Thereof

By David Judd of Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia

This covenant entails sacramental living that respects and reveals God’s presence and reconciling activity in creation. It requires whole-life stewardship dedicated to…protecting the sacredness of creation, and relieving physical and spiritual suffering.  Doctrine and Covenants 164:9c

The Koonjewarre family camp was in the mountains of Queensland on Australia’s scenic Gold Coast. The camp brought together two ardent and hardworking supporters for the planet, Pat Robinson and Corinne Unger.

Corrine is active in many efforts to sustain ecology, including efforts at Tiona, our church-owned campground on the northern New South Wales coast. Both Corrine and Pat provided information about the environmental resources available through the Community of Christ Earth Stewardship Team—Pat, from her time as a former team member and Corrine as a current team member.

Their energy and enthusiasm about Earth stewardship was obvious as they shared their passion for good stewardship over God’s sacred creation. The Earth Stewardship Team, a permanent committee, holds the Earth as its primary concern. Members identify and promote human accountability and responsible behavior toward the Earth. They encourage responsible use of its resources in individual, church, and community life. The enduring principles partnered here are Sacredness of Creation and Responsible Choices.

Your contributions to World Mission Tithes provide missionary outreach through teams such as the Earth Stewardship Team. Thank you for sharing in this worthy cause.

Prayer for Peace:

Covenant God, help us make responsible choices to save this planet you have placed in our care. May we keep it safe as you intended. May we keep it free from war and violence and make it a healthy dwelling for your peace.

Spiritual Practice:

Identify a form of music for meditation. If playing recorded music is not an option, choose a song you can sing or play. Choose music that carries a soulful, spiritual, or healing quality for you. Sit quietly and soak in the melody and resonances. What do you feel or see as you listen? What spiritual message comes? How are you being restored and moved to compassionate response?

Peace Covenant:

Creator God, when I go about my daily tasks, I will make responsible choices about what I use, what I reuse, and how I can recycle. This I’ll do with an eye to your sacred creation.

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