The Healing Process

By Lillian Kirby of Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

Surely then you will lift up your face without blemish; you will be secure, and will not fear. You will forget your misery; you will remember it as waters that have passed away. And your life will be brighter than the noonday; its darkness will be like the morning. And you will have confidence, because there is hope; you will be protected and take your rest in safety.  Job 11:15–18

Grief is an emotion and mental condition that can imprison us in cells of self-pity and unhappiness. Recently, a grief-stricken young woman told me she laughs only when her two small sons laugh. She added, “I’ll laugh again someday, when I can forgive.”

Mourning, despondency, and unforgiving hearts can bury potential feelings of joy resident in all of God’s creation.

The joy of health, living, creating, and loving God and one’s companions are all possible after the process of grieving.

Even in his trial of infirmity, Job was confident in the power of God to heal. Yes, Job’s faith wavered, but it never died. Finally, the Lord turned the captivity of Job to good, when Job prayed for his friends who had wronged him. Further, God gave Job twice as much as he had before.

We can help God in this slow healing process. It is not just the passage of time that heals, but life experiences lived in a prayerful manner. New friends, new avenues of service, new jobs well done—all aid in healing by providing a sense of worth and accomplishment. Let us be forgiving so our lives might again be whole.

Prayer for Peace:

May Christ’s healing power move in our lives to make us forgiving and whole for you, God.

Spiritual Practice for the Week: Offering Blessings of Community

Each day this week receive and share blessings of community. Begin with a prayer of gratitude for the network of relationships in your life. See and feel connections with family members, spiritual friends, people in your congregation and community, people and creatures in God’s sacred web of life.

What blessings flow to you from these circles? Reflect, pray, and write in your journal about the call to be “Community of Christ.” Go deeper each day as you “discern and embrace” the “divine blessing” of this name that opens you to “become a blessing to the whole creation” (Doctrine and Covenants 163:1). What act of blessing are you invited to complete?

Peace Covenant:

God, today I will come out of the dark, lonely night and into the bright, blessed day, knowing I am safe with you always.

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