Companions on the Journey

By Geoff Henshaw of Independence, Missouri, USA

Open your hearts and feel the yearnings of your brothers and sisters who are lonely, despised, fearful, neglected, unloved. Reach out in understanding, clasp their hands, and invite all to share in the blessings of community created in the name of the One who suffered on behalf of all. Do not be fearful of one another. Respect each life journey, even in its brokenness and uncertainty, for each person has walked alone at times.  Doctrine and Covenants 161:3a–b

It was a cold winter morning in Independence as I made my way toward the Temple, where I serve as a volunteer chaplain.

Traveling along a busy road I crossed over a highway and saw a man with a coat over his head. He was carrying several shopping bags. The sidewalks were covered in snow, so the man was forced to walk along the side of the road.

 Something tugged at me, and I wrestled with my emotions for several seconds about whether to stop or drive on. I stopped a little farther up the road and waited for the man to catch up.

Normally I am not inclined to offer rides to strangers. However, I asked the man if he needed a ride.

He was Hispanic and spoke no English. I could not speak Spanish, other than being able to greet him in his own language.

The man hesitated momentarily but then got in my car. Through hand motions and street names, I drove him to a place agreed on.

The man offered money, but I declined and said, “adios.”

Although I may never cross paths with him again, I have thought about that brief moment. I believe we were companions, both in life’s journey and in my car. We had a connection that was spiritual and, I trust, prompted by the Spirit.

Prayer for Peace:

God of our journey, bless us on the path of discipleship. Help us clasp hands and invite all into the community of peace.

Spiritual Practice for the Week: Connecting with God as Center

Each day this week connect with God through journal writing. Use a notebook, journal, computer, or any available paper. Prayerfully center on your intent to open yourself to God’s presence and share what flows from your heart and mind.

Your “letter to God” might include thoughts, questions, feelings, needs, artwork, quotes, and scriptures, or it might take the form of a prayer, psalm, or poem. Try to write at least five minutes each day.

What do you experience? Is this an effective way to connect with God? What surprises you? What new images or questions from God emerge? What deepens or changes in your relationship with God, Christ, Spirit?

Peace Covenant:

Today, God, I will remember that I have walked alone at times. I will remember to reach out to those who are alone now.

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  1. Lynn

     /  14 March 2012

    One little gesture of kindness can remain a lifetime; To become Christ-like means to have love and compassion for one’s fellowman. What little thing we do today can give us a lifetime of spiritual wealth. And Jesus said,”:Love one another as I have loved you!” Have I done that today? Not always, so I must improve. Remember God loves you.


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