Pay Attention

By Jeff Anderson and Larry McGuire of Baltimore, Maryland, USA

You who are my disciples must be found continuing in the forefront of those organizations and movements which are recognizing the worth of persons and are committed to bringing the ministry of my Son to bear on their lives.  Doctrine and Covenants 151:9

The Power House ministry in inner-city Baltimore is a blessing to countless children, youth, and adults. It is also a place for dreams of peace.

The recent addition of a Young Peacemakers trailer—complete with displays—means people can pay attention to those dreams as they become real.

Principals of two schools agreed to support Young Peacemakers as part of their educational experience. Now children of broken dreams and broken neighborhoods can experience what it means to have a place of safety and peace.

Thanks to generous gifts, including a missionary grant from World Mission Tithes, building peace in the Power House is a reality that touches countless children. Thank you for responding generously.

Prayer for Peace:

Divine Architect, help us, as disciples, to design ministries that will witness of your Son. May we provide sanctuary for those who feel unsafe. May we each recognize the worth of all persons as they are and in their potential to be peacemakers.

Spiritual Practice:

What is the voice of God saying to us? Do we hear the whispers of God’s longing for shalom, God’s dream of beauty and wholeness for all creation? Do we hear the voice of God calling to us in faces and eyes, in the sounds of suffering and joy, in scripture and sacred word, in tears and laughter, in silence and noise?

Spend a few moments reflecting on when and how God’s voice has spoken to you. When did you first feel called to join God in the pursuit of peace and justice? How does that call to shalom continue to come to you through the many voices of God?

Peace Covenant:

Today, God, I will pay attention to ways I can make dreams of peace come true.

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