It’s about Hope

By Deb Crowley of Eaton Rapids, Michigan, USA

Lift up your eyes and fix them on the place beyond the horizon to which you are sent. Journey in trust, assured that the great and marvelous work is for this time and for all time.  Doctrine and Covenants 161:1a

As our congregation prepared for a service of healing and hope, praying and imagining the power of God’s Spirit that would attend us, there was no disappointment.

Songs, prayer, testimony, and Communion together set the stage for powerful blessing during the sacrament of laying on of hands for the sick.

Everyone agreed that God’s light literally shone upon the congregation.

As the first person sat in the chair for a prayer of blessing, surrounded by the members of the priesthood and others in support, the day’s first ray of sunshine shone through the skylight. It landed on the person in the chair and those praying for her.

The ministers who prayed all could testify of the increased intensity of sunshine at the moment they laid hands on the head of the person in the chair.

God blessed us with healing and filled souls with hope. Hope that there is a bright future for each one, for the church, for humanity. As we continue to live adventurously with a vision of hope in God, what surprises and blessings await us!

Prayer for Peace:

God of the horizon, draw our eyes to you. We praise you as our source of shining hope. We trust in your vision of peace.

Spiritual Practice for the Week: Caring for God’s Sacred Creation

Choose a way to notice, give thanks, and care for God’s sacred creation. Prayerfully consider one of the following suggested practices or create your own.

Walk in nature with a spirit of gratitude and “holy attention.” Write a psalm of praise for the Earth or a prayer of healing and blessing for the wounds of the Earth. Learn about and engage in an act of Earth-keeping, such as recycling, simple living, fasting from over-consumption of resources. Notice the unique diversity of the planet’s creatures and be gentle to plants, animals, trees, and people! Fall in love with the vast, intricate creation and give thanks.

Peace Covenant:

God of peace, I will venture to embody and share the peace of Christ.

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