Heritage of Hope

By Karin Blythe of Burlington, Iowa, USA

Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord. Lord, hear my voice! Let your ears be attentive to the voice of my supplications! …I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I hope.  Psalm 130:1–2, 5

My greatest fear is insignificance. I dread that my life will mean nothing; that I will amount to little more than a blip on the radar screens of human existence.

I was shattered by the news that my uncle was slowly dying from the effects of Agent Orange. He had faithfully served in a war early in his life. His experiences forever affected him.

I grew up hearing stories of his childhood and the person he used to be. But the stories never included his life after the war. He went through hell and came out on the other side. It took him years to get to the other side, but he made it. Shortly after that, he found the cancer.

I couldn’t help but be angry, frustrated, and confused. He gave every ounce of himself for an unkind and ungrateful world. It didn’t seem fair.

As I was embracing frustration and confusion, my uncle chose a higher path. He chose beauty and forgiveness. He chose to embrace life and to give even more generously. He chose hope—hope that came amid the darkest of nights. And then I realized his significance rests in me. I am his heritage, and his life will continue through my life. My life will continue through the lives of those who love me.

There is no option for insignificance in the grand design of community and compassion. Just as Jesus is remembered in the hearts of so many, we will be remembered by each person who has felt God’s presence through us.

Prayer for Peace:

God of hope, we wait on you for our hope. Grant us strength and discipline to work for peace.

Spiritual Practice for the Week: Encountering Scripture as Continuing Revelation

Each day this week read and pray with the Doctrine and Covenants as continuing revelation of God’s vision for the church and creation. Choose a favorite section or focus on recent counsel in Sections 156–164.

Read a few selected paragraphs slowly three or four times. Pause to pray for deep understanding of meaning after the first reading. Pray for your heart and emotions to open to the text after the second reading. After the third reading, prayerfully ask to hear the particular phrase or word that speaks to you or touches your life. Stay with this word or phrase. Listen as fully and openly as you can. What sense of divine presence or invitation comes? What is revealed?

Peace Covenant:

I will remember the peacemakers who have gone before me and left their heritage of peace.

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