Surely God Blessed Him

By Gary McDonald of Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

I will both lie down and sleep in peace; for you alone, O Lord, make me lie down in safety.  Psalm 4:8

Kyle is a family friend of many years. On a recent visit we discovered he was in terrible health. Kyle suffered from congestive heart failure, diabetes, and breathing complications. He was legally blind. Kyle was seriously overweight and didn’t have one day of the week when he honestly could say he felt good.

One afternoon he asked us to take him to the doctor. We said we would, but first we wanted to tell him about the sacrament of laying on of hands for the sick. He listened with patience, respect, and interest. Afterward he asked for that sacrament. After praying we took him to the doctor.

The doctor admitted him to the hospital. The doctor said Kyle needed about 50 pounds of fluid drained from his chest. During the procedure his heart stopped beating. The staff revived him but could not complete the drainage. While he was in intensive care I prayed for him again.

At one point the hospital staff thought Kyle was going to die. I tried to prepare his friend. Together we prayed once more for Kyle and his precarious condition. Two days later he was released from the hospital.

Kyle began walking and swimming. His need for extra oxygen disappeared. The doctor put him on a strict diet, and he lost weight. Today Kyle is a healthy, whole man who spends his time helping others in need. Surely God has blessed him.

Prayer for Peace:

Healing God, we thank you for the sacraments. We thank you for the possibility of wholeness in our lives. We thank you for our safety and our peace.

Spiritual Practice for the Week: Honoring the Worth of All Persons

Each day this week read Psalm 139:13–18. After each reading sit quietly and let the deep meaning of the words sink into your mind, heart, and body. Imagine God watching you grow in your mother’s womb. What thoughts and feelings do you have about being “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14a)?

Sense the intimate knowledge God has of you and every child ever born. Ask God for an awareness of the sacred worth of each person on the planet. Weep with God over the soul-wounding forces and events that rob people of dignity and worth. How are you being invited to notice, protect, heal, and affirm the spiritual identity of all God’s beloved people today? Pray for God’s compassion.

Peace Covenant:

God, I will remember to come to you in prayer when I am in need.

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  1. Margaret

     /  22 June 2012

    the power of prayer is awesome, thank you for sharing such a profound witness to the answered prayer


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