Companionship in England

By Donald Kirby of Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

Let contentions and quarreling among you cease. Sustain each other in peace, and ye shall be blessed with my Spirit, in comforting and strengthening you for my work.  Doctrine and Covenants 117:13

While stationed in the Air Force near Enfield, England, I attended a church family camp. One day the campers went on a tour north of London. The countryside and the remains of some Roman ruins were on the agenda. We chartered a 45-passenger bus and looked forward to this exciting day.

We boarded the bus and started north (or so we thought). The driver made a wrong turn, and we ended up going south. Most of us were dozing and had faith the driver knew what he was doing. After almost two hours, he turned around and started in the right direction. But he had forgotten where to turn, adding two more hours to what, at first, was a three-hour tour. Each passenger had a different idea of which way we should head.

We were indeed lost.

We were getting hungry, and no restaurants were in sight. Apostle Arthur Oakman started to calm the angry riders. He then led us in singing a hymn, “The Lord’s My Shepherd.” Soon we were on the right road, going back to the Enfield church building. We missed seeing the Roman ruins but enjoyed the day together.

We once were lost, but found community.

Prayer for Peace:

Tender Shepherd, help us find our way home. Lead us to community and hospitality. Help us realize the company we keep is more valuable than the destination. We pray for your Spirit on the path to peace.

Spiritual Practice for the Week: Connecting with God as Center

Each day this week connect with God through journal writing. Use a notebook, journal, computer, or any available paper. Prayerfully center on your intent to open yourself to God’s presence and share what flows from your heart and mind. Your “letter to God” might include thoughts, questions, feelings, needs, artwork, quotes, and scriptures, or it may take the form of a prayer, psalm, or poem.

Try to write at least five minutes each day. What do you experience? Is this an effective way for you to connect with God? What surprises you? What new images or questions from God emerge? What deepens or changes in your relationship with God, Christ, Spirit?

Peace Covenant:

On today’s journey, God, I will praise the pilgrimage from moment to moment, as well as mile to mile.

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