Just a Conduit

By Shirley Remmenga of Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

…do good; seek peace, and pursue it.  Psalm 34:14

“Call Cara!” said the voice within my mind. I thought, yes, I need to call her soon, but I continued to go about my business. The voice flashed across my consciousness again. “Call Cara!”

This time I called. When Cara answered she was crying and wanted me to go to her house. When she opened the door, she put back her head and made a desperate sobbing noise from deep in her soul. I opened my arms, and we held each other.

When she could talk she said she was in a dark state of depression. She was able to share only between her soul-searing sobs. Finally, she calmed down.

We decided she was on overload and needed to release some responsibilities. Cara needed to take some time off. She needed about two weeks of medical leave.

She already knew of a place, offered by a friend, where she could rest, meditate, and recoup. She called her friend before I left and made her plans. She thanked me for holding her, listening to her, and weeping with her.

She asked how I knew she needed help. I couldn’t ignore the urgency of the voice from within and went to her on a mission urged by God. Help came from God, and Cara then could make a positive decision to take time off and heal. She opened herself to God’s grace and peace.

The Spirit of God helped her walk through her “woundedness,” and she became whole again.

Prayer for Peace:

Loving God, help us listen for your compassionate voice and go where you lead us. Send us to those who seek peace.

Spiritual Practice for the Week: Encountering Scripture as Continuing Revelation

Each day this week read and pray with the Doctrine and Covenants as continuing revelation of God’s vision for the church and creation. Choose a favorite section or focus on recent counsel in Sections 156–164. Read a few selected paragraphs slowly three or four times.

Pause to pray for deep understanding of meaning after the first reading. Pray to open your heart and emotions to the text after the second reading. After the third reading, prayerfully ask to hear the particular phrase or word that speaks to you or touches your life. Stay with this word or phrase. Listen as fully and openly as you can. What sense of divine presence or invitation comes? What is revealed?

Peace Covenant:

Today God, I will not hesitate to follow your lead.

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  1. Karen Porter

     /  20 August 2012

    Shirley, I must tell you of a similar experience. A good friend had moved from where were neighbors in Norfolk, VA back to where she grew up in TX. One Sunday afternoon I just kept getting that “You gotta call Linda” feeling you are talking about. When I finally did, she was crying & had a house full of family. Her mother had just died. She was so glad to hear from me & talked forever. I have said numerous times that was God telling me she needed me.


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