Discipleship NOW!

By David Nii of Centennial, Colorado, USA

The expectation for disciples to continually magnify their callings through spiritual growth, study, exemplary generosity, ethical choices, and fully accountable ministry is always present. How can the Spirit fill vessels that are unwilling to expand their capacity to receive and give according to a full measure of God’s grace and truth?  Doctrine and Covenants 163:6c, adapted

A field initiative called Discipleship NOW!began in the Western USA Mission Field to help equip disciples for mission. This initiative provides a strengthened environment for disciple formation that includes learning, practical application, and spiritual formation to magnify ministry and witness in the life of the church.

Discipleship NOW! is a three-year experience that requires significant commitment from participants and mission center leaders: six weekend classes over two years followed by a one-year practicum in mission. Four locations across the field serve as centers of learning and living out faithful mission-focused discipleship.

World Church ministers provide the instruction and spiritual formation sections of Discipleship NOW! Grants from World Mission Tithes provide funding. More than 90 people currently take part. This initiative widens the foundation for disciples to invite others to experience the peace of Christ and witness of God’s generous and unconditional grace.

Your contributions to World Mission Tithes provide field ministry such as Discipleship NOW! Thank you for giving so generously.

Prayer for Peace:

Guiding Shepherd, help us magnify our callings. Help us grow spiritually. Help us study and learn to make ethical choices. Make us vessels ready to be filled.

Spiritual Practice:

Spend some time meditating on leaves. Take a walk and look at leaves on trees. Watch leaves bud, sway in the wind, fall to the ground. Hear them crunch under your feet. Gather a small supply to place in a basket or vase. Use sight, smell, touch, and hearing to explore the qualities of leaves. Consider how leaves bring healing, life, and beauty to our lives. Close with prayer about your desire to offer healing as generously as a leaf on a tree (Revelation 22:2).

Peace Covenant:

NOW, God, no more excuses. I will make myself fully accountable.

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