An Evangelist’s Focus

By Bruce Crockett of Kirtland, Ohio, USA

…Vital to this awakening is the understanding that the Temple calls the entire church to become a sanctuary of Christ’s peace, where people from all nations, ethnicities, and life circumstances can be gathered into a spiritual home without dividing walls, as a fulfillment of the vision for which Jesus Christ sacrificed his life.  Doctrine and Covenants 163:8c

I’m preparing to give my first blessing as an evangelist. I have the privilege of getting to know someone, layer by layer, and hear their story. Sanctuary is a privileged role where trust makes up the pillars that support openness and vulnerability. The pillars support the expression of yearnings, needs, dreams, hopes, disappointments, and wounds. Sanctuary is a place of safety, and in that safety hope swells in the assurance of God’s love.

Sanctuary is a place where we are reminded that we are past, present, and future, beloved of God. It is a place where we have great worth. We are reminded that though the path isn’t easy at times, we learn lessons to share and reflect on for even-deeper wisdom.

Yes, I have the privilege to be with someone and to be open to the voice that will bless this person. So I must keep my focus and keep surrendering, listening, being vulnerable, confessing, and in the end, being affirmed and sent forth to love my neighbor, to express compassion, and to not judge or try to fix anyone.

We are called to represent Christ and provide sacramental opportunity for people to draw closer to God. We draw closer, not only in the moment of blessing, but in the days and weeks that follow as we engage in reflection and discernment. The evangelist blessing, as reminder and support, is an ensign of hope in times of doubt that God is near, that God cares, that God believes in us even in those times when our belief wanes.

Grace abounds. May I pay attention and observe its presence so grace may continue to mold me, shape me, and make me aware of the Spirit of blessing. This blessing swirls around us each day, perhaps unnoticed. Ah, the potential of that which awaits us, that which is possible. I must keep my focus!

Prayer for Peace:

Sacramental God, we await your blessing. Keep us focused on what matters most. Keep us focused on Christ’s mission.

Spiritual Practice for the Week: Encountering Scripture as Continuing Revelation

Read and pray with the Doctrine and Covenants as continuing revelation of God’s vision for the church and creation. Choose a favorite section or focus on recent counsel in Sections 156–164. Pause to pray for deep understanding of meaning. Pray for opening of your heart and emotions to the text. Prayerfully ask to hear the particular phrase or word that speaks to you or touches your life. Listen as fully and openly as you can. What sense of divine presence or invitation comes? What is revealed?

Peace Covenant:

Today, God, I will look for opportunities to bless as I have been blessed.

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  1. makeeba coan

     /  30 October 2012

    This post has been so enlightening,i fully agree with the thoughts on sanctuary, and the church. I believe we can all be a place of trust ,and a safe haven for our , , and fellow brothers and sisters on our planet. Good work B.Crocket!!!! 🙂


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