Let the Preparation Begin

By Lu Mountenay of Independence, Missouri, USA

You have already been told to look to the sacraments to enrich the spiritual life of the body. It is not the form of the sacrament that dispenses grace but it is the divine presence that gives life.  Doctrine and Covenants 162:2d

Kneel, if you’re able, toward the stable
heal, if you’re able, at the table
see the quiver of the infant’s lip
tiny fingers as they grip.
New eyes, so wise
they see past my face

see my need for grace
they reach into my heart
with healing art.
My Communion at the table
takes me back to the stable.
Who can separate the two?

Tomorrow we celebrate the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. How will Communion during Advent season be different from other Communion worships?

Throughout the year we prepare ourselves for the Lord’s Supper with repentant hearts and through acceptance of God’s grace. We try to reconcile any differences and conflicts in our souls.

We forgive ourselves and others, as Christ forgives us.

During the Advent season, how can we consider Christ’s Earthly death on our behalf, as symbolized by the bread and wine, and at the same time think of him as a tiny, newborn life?

Cross and cradle, death and life, grief and gift, authority and innocence, loneliness and love, dark night of the soul and light of the manger star, tears and living water—what is our bridge?


Prayer for Peace:

Everlasting Giver of our cradle of love and Crafter of the grace-filled cross, hear our prayer. You are a light that hurts our eyes with exquisite pain. We behold the beauty and then are lost when it is hidden. Let us always seek, follow the light, bear the pain, and yet know the joy on the path to peace.

Spiritual Practice:

Spend a few moments remembering your experiences with the sacraments. Recall the details of the words, touch, prayers, rituals, symbols involved. How have these experiences brought healing and blessing to you and others? Offer a prayer of gratitude for the reconciling power of sacraments in Community of Christ and the worldwide Christian family.

Peace Covenant:

Today, God, I will hold the cradle and the cross in my heart as I prepare to kneel at your table tomorrow.

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