Under the Microscope

1-26By Doug Haden of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Now as you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in utmost eagerness, and in our love for you—so we want you to excel also in this generous undertaking.

—2 Corinthians 8:7

This has been a great week for me because of a friend, a magazine article, a microscope, and our global community.

Dr. Gudush Jalloh is from South Africa and is the only private veterinarian in Sierra Leone. I’ve heard there is a direct link between the health of people and the health of the animals that live in our communities.

A geologist friend, Shaun, put me in touch with Dr. Jalloh, who was in desperate need of a binocular Zeiss microscope. I found one on the Internet, ordered it, and had some local vets make sure it was in good working order. Then I mailed it to the doctor. Within the week he received it and let me know by e-mail of its arrival.

It’s gratifying to make a small effort to help someone. I am glad for the opportunity to help others throughout the world make an impact on people’s lives.

This simple act of reading an article and connecting the dots through the influence of the Holy Spirit will bring relief to many. Through the skills and giftedness of one lone veterinarian, the citizens of his community will be blessed through his healing ministry to their pets and farm animals.

Christ has promised us that if we respond to those in need, all will be blessed and will sense his peace. This day, I feel privileged for the small part I had in meeting the needs of one doctor, his unique patients, and their owners’ holistic health. I praise God for giving me a passion for microscopes and the blessings that these instruments can give to others in towns and villages around God’s amazing world.

Prayer for Peace
God of the great and God of the small, help us see beyond our narrow world. Help us focus on needs that might be overlooked and to share Christ’s peace.

Spiritual Practice: Generous Offerings
Spend time meditating on the act of giving an offering. Begin by asking God for the spirit of generosity. Pray and reflect with these questions: How do I feel when I bring my offering to a worship setting and share it? What deep reasons motivate me to give? What is my best understanding of A Disciple’s Generous Response? Considering my financial circumstances, do I feel I am giving to my true capacity? In other words, am I giving the amount I am capable of giving without jeopardizing the needs and well-being of my family? Is God asking me to be more generous? How will I respond?

Peace Covenant
Today, God, I will try to discover a need and respond.


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