The Needs of Another

Saturday, March 23

3-23By Cindy Korf of North Platte, Nebraska, USA

Faithful disciples respond to an increasing awareness of the abundant generosity of God by sharing according to the desires of their hearts; not by commandment or constraint. Break free of the shackles of conventional culture that mainly promote self-serving interests. Give generously according to your true capacity. Eternal joy and peace await those who grow in the grace of generosity that flows from compassionate hearts without thought of return. Could it be otherwise in the domain of God, who eternally gives all for the sake of creation?

—Doctrine and Covenants163:9

When our son moved from the college dorm into an apartment, my husband and I gave him a nice wooden computer desk. A few months later when we visited him I noticed that the computer desk was missing, and his computer was spread over the kitchen table. I asked him what happened to the computer desk. He replied that he had given it away.

A little perturbed, I asked, “Why? If you didn’t want it, you could have sold it!” I could not understand why he would give away an expensive piece of furniture, especially when he could be using it.

His reply was, “My friend had a greater need for it than I.”

My son’s generosity humbled me into silence.

Prayer for Peace
Generous God, may we be cheerful givers. May we be mindful of what we have, not dwell on what we don’t have. May we share from our overflowing cup and our half-empty plate. May we share the peace of Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Practice: Generous Offerings
Spend time meditating on the act of giving an offering. Begin by asking God for the spirit of generosity. Pray and reflect with these questions: How do I feel when I bring my offering to a worship setting and share it? What deep reasons motivate me to give? What is my best understanding of A Disciple’s Generous Response? Considering my financial circumstances, do I feel I am giving to my true capacity? In other words, am I giving the amount I am capable of giving without jeopardizing the needs and well-being of my family? Is God asking me to be more generous? How will I respond?

Peace Covenant:
Today, God, I will be grateful for what I have to share.

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