Drinking from the Well

Monday, April 1

4-1By Greg Clark of Independence, Missouri, USA

But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without a trace of partiality or hypocrisy.

—James 3:17

After spending a long Easter weekend away from the office, I returned Monday morning to see my plant in distress. Every stem, every leaf drooped. It looked beyond drab. It seemed worn out, tired, exhausted—much the way I felt.

The plant just needed water. Within a few hours of receiving a good drink, its leaves and stems perked up. It once again radiated freshness and health.

I thought of another drink of water—the one Jesus presented to the woman at the well. Jesus offered her living water. It changed her life, and she had to tell others.

I yearned to feel that way—energized, vibrant, and so excited that I couldn’t keep joy to myself. But I didn’t. I felt spiritually flat even though I’d been to three extraordinary worship services in the last few days.

What was wrong with me?

Finally, I recognized the problem. It’s not enough to taste the living water. We must drink it deeply, letting it flow through our veins, soak into our cells, wash over our hearts. We must let it change the way we respond, see, and feel.

I hadn’t been doing that. Instead, I’d been dwelling on trust issues. As a result, I’d been going through the motions in my spiritual life without nurturing the passion, zeal, and joy of Christ within me. I was not taking part in of the fruits of the Spirit.

Unlike the plant, receiving a drink is not enough—not even at an inspiring Easter service. For this water to live in us, we must surrender to it completely. And after receiving it, we must offer it, in Christ’s name, to others who thirst.

Prayer for Peace
Quench our thirst, God, with your good Spirit. We are willing to yield to your wisdom. We are open to receive Christ’s peace, and share it.

Spiritual Practice: Vessel for Living Water
Visualize or feel a vessel at the center of your being (a clay jar, a crystal vase, a metal bucket, or other container).  Imagine drawing something from the bucket to share with someone, but as you reach inside you find only a tiny pool of stagnant liquid. You are thirsty, dry, empty. Then something clear and cool begins to pour over you. It splashes and tumbles into the vessel, filling it to the brim. The living water of Christ pours on and through you. Your vessel fills and runs over, blessing your body and soul. Offer a prayer of thanksgiving and commitment to share living water with others.

Peace Covenant
I will surrender to you, God, and drink deeply of your living water.

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  1. John

     /  1 April 2013

    ,After your message i feel like storing the water in my container to be used daily in the physical, but much more in spiritual it has link my spirit to the source of the water. Am blessed.
    Yours in Christ

  2. Vera Entwistle

     /  1 April 2013

    Your message spoke volumes to me, Greg. It seems strange that I can ever be thirsty when I am surrounded by friends whose very lives witness to me of a loving, caring God.My plants are often neglected. The next time I notice they need water, I hope I can remember what you shared and then maybe I will drink more deeply, too. Best wishes to you and yours.Vera.


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