♫ Hymn of the Month: “O Living God, Whose Presence Now Surrounds Us”

Monday, May 6

5.6By Harry Fielding of Bellara, Queensland, Australia

The importance of evaluating and aligning ministerial roles and relationships to reach individuals and nations most effectively with the liberating truths of the gospel is always incumbent on the church.

—Doctrine and Covenants 164:8a

I have been blessed in my ministerial role to visit and minister in almost 30 countries. I have experienced cultural diversity and polar extremes of poverty and wealth. But through all the diversity (and sometimes tragedy), I have found a common theme of love and faith. I have come to understand the idea the psalmist presents that no matter how we try, we can never escape the presence of God.

This hymn expresses my firm conviction that we are grounded in divine presence. If we each live in that power and realize it in our everyday lives, a world of harmony and peace is possible. I am grateful for the thousands of lives that have intersected with my own and have helped me form this view. 

 O living God, whose presence now surrounds us
and fills our hearts with joy and hope and peace,
help us to see that in your world around us
your Spirit breathes, your love will never cease.
But weary souls, that love not comprehending,
still need to know that your love brings release.

Creation groans for freedom, liberating,
grant us, O God, ears well-attuned to hear,
for in this moment, God, we are creating
the future that may bring your Kingdom here.
Help us, O God, live daily in compassion;
make choices that will show your reign is near.

O God of love help us, your love indwelling
break down dividing walls of hate and war.
Help us to be disciples who are willing
to walk the path where love reigns evermore.
O use us God, and in your service free us
for lives of love, with your love at our core.

 The peace of Christ be in us and shown through us
and fill our world with harmony and peace.
The peace of Christ will fill us and renew us
and bring us new directions and release.
Help us to be responsive, God, work through us;
Your spirit breathes, your love will never cease!

Prayer for Peace
God of wisdom, may we be the vessels from which your liberating truths are shared. May we also invite people to the love and peace of Christ.

Spiritual Practice
Contemplate this hymn as a poem (or sing it to the Incarnation tune).

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1 Comment

  1. Vera Entwistle

     /  6 May 2013

    This is a beautiful hymn, Harry I look forward to using this in worship.


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