Faith in the Mission

Tuesday, May 7

5.7By Don Richardson of Nauvoo, Illinois, USA

“…For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.”

—Matthew 17:20

My wife decided to repaint the walls in our living room. We picked up color strips at the paint store. After much deliberation, she narrowed the choices to six or seven colors. Together we chose the color we would use.

My wife started painting the room. After doing part of the room, we were unhappy with the color. We had hoped it would look darker, although it did seem to darken a little after it dried. We already had the paint, so we finished the room despite the color. We weren’t sure we had made a good decision but were still enthusiastic about the project.

Then we hung new curtains. What a difference those made! With the new curtains and the new paint, the room looked much better than we had thought. We were happy with the “finished” results. Our faith in our work waned for a while, but then it was revived.

Sometimes when we are trying to serve God, we are not completely happy with how things are going. We get impatient and discouraged. We don’t seem to have the faith to carry us through. We may wish we had done things differently, but because we have started the way we have, we make adjustments and try to complete our ministry. It ends up being much better than we thought it would because God was directing us all along, in spite of our hesitancy.

When God is in charge, the results will be positive in the end. As we minister to others, may we remember who leads the way and let Christ be our constant companion as we make our choices. May Christ’s mission be our mission.

Prayer for Peace
Creator God, we have faith that when we make Christ’s mission our mission, your purposes will be fulfilled—Christ’s peace will be shared.

Spiritual Practice: Making Responsible Choices
Prayerfully seek God’s guidance in your choices. Discernment invites us to orient our lives toward God and God’s vision for us and creation. Begin by reviewing the responsibilities and opportunities in the day before you. Take these choices into prayer, asking God for wisdom and insight about what matters most.

Offer yourself to God with the prayer of Teresa of Avila: “God, what do you want of me today?” Sit prayerfully with this question as you review the day again. Be aware of images, thoughts, names, or actions that come to you. Ask for a blessing to live this day responsibly and compassionately in the Spirit of Christ.

Peace Covenant
Today, God, I will choose a Mission Initiative and ask your direction to act on it.

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