Come, Holy Spirit

Sunday, May 19

5.19By Linda Booth, Council of Twelve Apostles

In the last days it will be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams. Even upon my slaves, both men and women, in those days I will pour out my spirit; and they shall prophesy.

—Acts 1:17–18

When the Spirit comes, ministry and mission go into motion.

While driving through Clarksville, Tennessee, Paula Williams experienced the Spirit guiding her to plant a new congregation there. The Spirit was so persistent that Paula and her husband began to plan for their household move. Paula asked for a list of church members in the area and discovered there were several.

In faith, Paula and her husband moved to Clarksville. As they unloaded their rented truck, a neighbor boy, Malick, came to check them out. Before they settled into their home, Paula contacted church members and began to get to know Malick’s family and her other neighbors.

Before long, a dozen people began to meet in her home for companionship and eventually pray and study the Bible together. Soon many neighbors, friends, and families were coming to learn about Jesus. People didn’t want to leave because they enjoyed being together. The Holy Spirit was transforming lives and preparing these new disciples to witness of Jesus Christ and provide compassionate ministry to others.

Today, the Clarksville congregation meets in a rented building on a busy street. Many neighbors and new friends have been baptized and confirmed. Some were called to serve in the priesthood. The congregation is developing them as Jesus’ disciples and sending them in his mission.

I doubt if any of these folks has heard a mighty wind or seen tongues of fire resting above the congregation. However, the Holy Spirit has come in power. A new community forms in Christ’s name. the church emerges and lives in a new place.

Prayer for Peace
Holy Spirit, rest on us when you would have us act. Rest on us and call us to love and to share the peace of Christ.

Spiritual Practice: Experience Congregations in Mission
Read and reflect on Doctrine and Covenants 164:9a–d. Reread the sentence, “If you truly would be Community of Christ, then embody and live the concerns and passion of Christ.” Make a list of the issues that you feel mattered most to Christ. Make another list of issues that matter to your congregation. Reflect on the similarities and differences between the lists. How can you help align the list? Throughout the day, as issues arise, ask yourself, “Would this matter to Christ?”

Peace Covenant
Today, God, I will respond as your Spirit leads.

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