Drippin’ and Droopin’

Wednesday, May 29

5.29By Suzanne McMillan of East Sandwich, Massachusetts, USA

He said, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

—Exodus 33:14

Summer temperatures in the coastal town where we live rarely surpass 90 degrees. One spring we had three consecutive days with temperatures in the 90s. It was only May. It was suffocating, and I worried.

Adults were ill-prepared, school kids were drippin’ and droopin’, animals were panting heavily, and pregnant women were uncomfortable. The Public Health Department issued heat advisories, warning about poor air quality and urging us to stay indoors.

Except for air-conditioner salespeople, there was near universal welcome of the cool breeze accompanying a weather front arriving after 72 hours. Calming, soothing relief gently refreshed us, freeing us to stand outside and drink it in while taking deep, cleansing breaths, filling us with life anew.

God’s presence, the breath of the Spirit, often feels that way, too. Welcomed as healer of sagging spirits, balm of wounds, cool rest for weary travelers, it frees us from the heavy weight on our hearts and spirits.

Prayer for Peace
Healing God, surround us with your calming breath. Lift our spirits. May we be open to you that we may find rest and peace. May we share that peace with other weary travelers.

Spiritual Practice: Breathing with the Ocean
Sit or lie in a relaxed posture. Pay attention to your breathing. Let the rhythm become calm and even. Imagine sitting or lying on a warm, sandy beach with ocean waves rolling in and out near your feet. Listen to the waves as they “exhale” and “inhale.” Begin to breathe in time with the waves. Become aware of the ocean as the presence of God washing onto the shore to touch your body and spirit. With each breath receive what the ocean of God brings you. Let go of what is carried into the sea of God’s presence. Offer a prayer of thanksgiving. Ask how you can share God’s healing and peace today.

Peace Covenant
I will freely breathe in your presence, God, and rest in your Spirit.

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