Lying Dormant

Tuesday, August 13

8-13By Peggy Michael of Cantonment, Florida, USA

We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.

—Romans 8:28

A seed lodged in the crevice of a stone wall. The sun and rain soon quickened it with life. It sent tender roots downward and unfolded chartreuse leaves. As I studied the unlikely home, I marveled at the seed’s determination to find invisible nourishment in such an inhospitable place. On seeing this miracle I vowed to let God quicken me also with growth, no matter the conditions around me.

I once saw myself as a wrinkled seed. The Spirit thrust me into the earth. I marveled that, though dormant, when God touched me with living water, I would swell and fill Earth’s garden. I join the community from tiny diverse packets, producing golden corn, glistening green peas, and squash of many shapes. Petunias and sunflowers would soon nod to me from once-barren corners of the plot.

If such plenty can come from dry, wrinkled seeds, I wondered, what can God’s quickening touch do to me? For what purpose am I called forth?

Prayer for Peace
Like the unplowed field, Creator, our potential lies beneath a resistant crust. May we let the planter soften our hearts and prepare us for new growth. May we grow toward our purpose of sharing Christ’s peace.

Spiritual Practice: Trees
Watch the trees outside your window for a few moments. Close your eyes and meditate on Alma’s words about seeds and trees. If you were to plant and grow the Word of God in your heart, what kind of tree might symbolically represent this process? Envision a seed as it grows into a tree of life and blessing. Ask God to show you how to begin (see Alma 16:152–173).

Peace Covenant

Today, God, I will push through hard places and grow into my purpose.

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