The Spirit Leads to Peace

Thursday, August 15

8-15By Shirley Remmenga of Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

May the God of steadfastness and encouragement grant you to live in harmony with one another, in accordance with Christ Jesus, so that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

—Romans 15:5–7

Silently, sweetly, and warmly it resided in my being. I did not recognize its presence in the beginning. I had a sense, but not a knowing. I was an obedient child, taught carefully and lovingly about God. I learned to pray when I was tiny. I could feel and see God’s presence in nature—the crops, the weeds, the garden, the storms, the sunshine, and the rain. It was in the animals—tame and wild—the soil, the flowers, the bees, and much more.

Gradually I began learning about the Holy Spirit—about the soft voice within that helped me, comforted me, taught me, and inspired me. I began to know. I remember clearly the voice within that told me not to let my brothers’ teasing bother me. Rather, it told me that I should not react at all to the teasing. So I followed the gentle lead, and sure enough…peace. It took only a couple weeks before they stopped teasing me.

This is just one example of how I grew to recognize and follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Year by year we became better acquainted, and I began to know, deep inside me. Of course, I still don’t know all, but I do know the Holy Spirit is real for me. The Spirit is always present, guiding my life, and making it possible to live joyfully with a positive, optimistic outlook. The Holy Spirit silently, sweetly, warmly, and continuously lives in my deepest being. How beautiful is the Spirit’s presence.

Prayer for Peace
Steadfast God of encouragement, reside in us. Help us always be aware of your warm presence. Help us be open to your shalom. Help us share your presence and Christ’s peace with all.

Spiritual Practice: Voices of God
What is the voice of God saying to us? Do we hear the whispers of God’s longing for shalom; God’s dream of beauty and wholeness for all creation? Do we hear the “voice” of God calling to us in faces and eyes, in the sounds of suffering and joy, in scripture and sacred word, in tears and laughter, in silence and noise? Spend a few moments reflecting on when and how God’s voice has spoken to you. When did you first feel called to join God in the pursuit of justice and peace? How does that call to shalom continue to come to you through the many “voices” of God?

Peace Covenant
Today, God, with your presence, I will be open to your shalom.

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  1. Marlene Krueger

     /  16 August 2013

    Thank you Shirley for those lovely and loving thoughts. They remind me that even during difficult times, God is always present to me.


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