♫ Hymn of the Month: “Hoy Queremos”

Monday, September 9

9-9By V.L. Ben Peterson of Bella Vista, Arkansas, USA

“Behold, I say to you, and I would that you should remember, that God is merciful…therefore he desires, in the first place, that you should believe, even on his word. …And this is not all; little children have words given to them many times which confound the wise and the learned.”

—Alma 16:144, 146

I lost many papers in the great tornado in Joplin, Missouri, in 2011. I have only my memory to access the words, “How gentle God’s command! How kind God’s precepts are!” But I can recall that I wanted that same warm, thoughtful, and tender sense of appreciation shown to God in that hymn for “Hoy Queremos.”

Therefore, I hope people sense this in my text about the blessing of little children. I hope they feel the divine attribute of the Spirit of God in my words: “Hoy queremos presentarte nuestros niños, oh Señor…” I hope those who sing become fully aware of God’s ability to bless children. I wanted this trust in God to be implicit in my words. Here are the first and last stanzas in English and Spanish:

Lord, we bring to you our children for a blessing here today;
and we ask for your protection o’er their lives, O Lord, we pray.
May you watch them and protect them with your great abiding love,
and each child receive your blessing. Send your Spirit as a dove!

Into loving arms, O Jesus, gather all and call their names!
Lay on hands to show your caring; guide their lives toward worthy aims.
As on old Judea’s hillside, so we, too, in this same way
here do dedicate these children to the Master’s heavenly reign.

Hoy queremos presentarte nuestros niños, oh Señor;
te pedimos que les seas un amigo protector,
que les cuides y les guardes con tu espíritu de amor
y que cada niño tenga tu perfecta bendición

En sus brazos, Jesucristo a los niños los tomó;
demostrándo les cariño, con sus manos los tocó.
Hoy también, igual que Cristo, deseamos dedicar
estos niños que traemos, a tu reino celestial.

Prayer for Peace
For young miracles like these, God, we thank you on our knees. We know the children in our care portray the kingdom yet to be. May we reflect Christ’s peace as we share with children everywhere.

Spiritual Practice
Contemplate this hymn as a poem (or sing to CROATIRAS DEL RENO tune).

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  1. Norma Mercurio

     /  16 September 2013

    The words of your hymn are so beautiful Brother Peterson. As you may note I”m a little behind in my daily readings, but how happy I am that I discovered your hymn, “Hoy Queremous”! My identical twin granddaughters will be blessed next month and what a beautiful addition to the spirit of the service your hymn will make. Thank you and may many blessings be yours.

  2. Vera Entwistle

     /  9 September 2013

    The words of your hymn for children are beautiful! Our congregation feels such excitement as the new hymnal approaches and we are planning ways to teach our congregation to sing the new songs. One of the things we learned, sadly, is that there are still hymns in the “old” hymnal we never used! Thank you again for your contribution.


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