Peace “Alive!”

Friday, September 13

9-13By Danny Belrose of Independence, Missouri, USA

These are portentous times. The lives of many are being sacrificed unnecessarily to the gods of war, greed and avarice…

—Doctrine and Covenants 150:7

For generations the word “Peace” has dangled at the feet of a lion, a lamb and a child—the symbol and seal of Community of Christ. Each Sunday, I am grateful the “lighting of the peace candle” is a feature in my congregation’s worship.

Next week, September 21, we will celebrate the International Day of Peace. That said, we are just beginning to understand what it means to be a people who incarnate peace personally and within diverse communities. There is a difference between “being at peace” and being “AT” peace. More than a word or sleepy slogan, the letters P E A C E dangling at the feet of a lion, a lamb, and a child paradoxically remind us that peace is something we must stand on and live for.

Prayer for Peace

“Peace! Peace! Peace!”—so easily its slips off our tongues, God.
Peace—robbed of meaning, wrapped in familiarity,
tucked tightly away in narrow folds of understanding.
We confess, O God, a peace born of myopia—a peace that sees only the daylight
of saccharine sensibilities spun by soft summer breezes,
morning mist, lemonade and lazy afternoons free of care.
Peace—devoured by apathy—its brief life spent on slogans said
and banners blown on winds of hope—its voice heard but for a moment.
A peace betrayed by deception’s subtle lie that to talk peace is to do peace.

May we see its resurrection, God. Let peace invade us and transform us.
Let it find meaning beyond hymns sung, prayers prayed,
sermons preached.
May we give it heart, heads, hands, and feet as well as lips.
May the peace of this strange man, Jesus, awaken within us new resolve
to move from slogans to deeds, form hope to reality.
Peace, ALIVE across the breakfast table. Peace, ALIVE and color blind.
Peace, ALIVE for saint, for sinner—for all who sing God’s many names.
For only then, do we truly take your name upon us.

—Danny Belrose

Spiritual Practice: Daily Prayer for Peace
The Daily Prayer for Peace takes place year-round in the Independence and Kirtland Temples and weekly in many congregations. Each day we pray for a different country. Go to the front of this book and identify the country for today. Research information about the country and ask God for insights about the needs of the people. Pray for this country.

Peace Covenant
Today and every day, God, I will celebrate peace.

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  1. merna Short

     /  14 September 2013

    I appreciated this message so much. It’s an understanding formed deep in the heart at the centre of our being.


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