Happening in Spain

Saturday, September 28

9-28By Keith McMillan of Waltham Cross, England

God is calling for a prophetic community to emerge, drawn from the nations of the world, that is characterized by uncommon devotion to the compassion and peace of God revealed in Jesus Christ. Through divine grace and wisdom, this faith community has been given abundant gifts, resources, and opportunities to equip it to become such a people. Chief among these is the power of community in Christ expressed locally in distinctive fashions while upholding a unity of vision, foundational beliefs, and mission throughout the world.

—Doctrine and Covenants 163:11a

“There is something happening in Spain!” I heard this many times on a recent visit to Madrid and Barcelona. Many people are asking about Community of Christ. Several have chosen baptism. The church is beginning to recognize its potential in that nation.

Recently, about 25 members and friends of the church gathered in Madrid to celebrate Communion, the first time in many years for some of them. A wonderful spirit prevailed as the group sang hymns, prayed, and shared in companionship. This is just one example of how the Spirit of God calls us into new places to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Your contributions make Christ’s mission a reality throughout the world. Thank you for responding faithfully to the Mission Initiative of Invite People to Christ.

Prayer for Peace
Welcoming God, may we send the sound the Earth around, inviting people to Christ. May we take Christ’s message of peace and share with all who might hear.

Spiritual Practice: Ongoing Revelation
One Enduring Principle of Community of Christ is Continuing Revelation. We are a people always in process, becoming shaped by God’s interaction with us. In prayer, listen deeply to the name, “Community of Christ.” Write or say a prayer asking God to continue to form us through our name. Listen deeply to what it would mean to live in community, following and sharing the way of Christ. Become comfortable with sharing who we are.

Peace Covenant
Today, God, I will do what I can to expand Christ’s mission beyond borders.

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