Do Not Turn Away

Saturday, October 5

10-5By Andrew Bolton, Council of Twelve Apostles

God, the Eternal Creator, weeps for the poor, displaced, mistreated, and diseased of the world because of the unnecessary suffering. Such conditions are not God’s will. Open your ears to hear the pleading of mothers and fathers in all nations who desperately seek a future of hope for their children. Do not turn away from them. For in their welfare resides your welfare.

—Doctrine and Covenants 163:4a

The people of the Philippines are no strangers to devastating typhoons. Yet Typhoon Megi’s destruction in October, 2010, which crippled the Philippine province of Isabela, was overwhelming. The storm damaged three Community of Christ church buildings and their surrounding villages: Simimbaan, Damsite, and Tumauini.

Community of Christ staff, members, and friends were the first relief workers of any organization to arrive at the typhoon-struck locations. The Mission Initiative Abolish Poverty, End Suffering provided emergency food and medical supplies, including the services of volunteer nurses. Your contributions to World Mission Tithes make a difference in times of disaster: almost 2,000 Typhoon Megi victims, about 334 families, received help to rebuild the Damsite church. Your generosity will ease their burden. Thank you for responding generously.

Prayer for Peace
Creator God, we will weep with you for the displaced and suffering people in the world. May we open our ears and respond. May we support rebuilding lives and restoring of hope and peace.

Spiritual Practice: Praying with the Doctrine and Covenants
For this body prayer, we will use simple postures with phrases from Doctrine and Covenants Section 163. Create a bowl with your hands, close your eyes, and meditate with the phrase, “God the Eternal Creator weeps.” Imagine your bowl catching God’s tears. End this posture by emptying the container over your head and being anointed by God’s tears. Create a large circle with your arms as if hugging someone and meditate with the phrase: “God yearns to draw you close so that wounds may be healed.” End by placing your hands over your heart. Now create your own body posture of openness to God and meditate on the phrase: “Do not turn away from them. For in their welfare resides your welfare.” Say amen by bowing to God with palms together.

Peace Covenant
Today, God, I will act on the awareness that welfare comes to your people when I share Christ’s justice and peace.

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  1. Susan Gregory

     /  6 October 2013

    It is always uplifting to hear ‘real life’ stories of how our offerings are helping others, thanks!!!


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