♫ Hymn of the Month: A Favorite Hymn Carried Forward

Monday, November 11

11-11By Lauren Hall of Kansas City, Missouri, USA

The Spirit of the One you follow is the spirit of love and peace. That Spirit seeks to abide in the hearts of those who would embrace its call and live its message.

—Doctrine and Covenants 161:7

I have always loved the hymn “Touch Me, Lord, with Thy Spirit Eternal” (Hymns of the Saints 409). The sincere longing and constant companionship of the Holy Spirit is timeless. It is personal and invitational. The Russian melody makes the hymn even more evocative.

At the time I write this, this hymn speaks to me for another reason. I used to have frequent conversations with my friend, Roy Schafer, about two hymns being in the next hymnal. This was one of them. We shared a mutual love for the beautiful melody and text: “stir my soul… take my love… hear my prayer.” “Teach me…fill me” and “I shall serve thee with all of my soul.” We discovered we both used this text in our personal spiritual practices. As followers of Jesus, it was our response to the other hymn that was also special to us, “Jesus Loves Me.”

And, as Roy would say, “The Good News doesn’t get any more complicated than that!”

Touch me, Lord, with thy Spirit eternal;
Stir my soul to respond to thy call.
Take my love, for I offer it freely;
Hear my prayer as I thank thee for all.
Hear my prayer as I thank thee for all.

Teach me, Lord, to walk humbly before thee;
May I hasten thy will to obey.
Make me wise to see clearly thy purpose;
Keep me true to my calling, I pray.
Keep me true to my calling, I pray.

Fill me, Lord, with thine infinite power;
Make me firm, make me pure, make me whole.
With thy Spirit to strengthen and guide me,
I shall serve thee with all of my soul.
I shall serve thee with all of my soul.

—R. Romanov

Prayer for Peace
Hear our prayer, Lord, as we thank thee for all.

Spiritual Practice
Contemplate this hymn as a prayer or poem, or sing it to the tune Russian Melody.

Peace Covenant
Today, God, I will allow my soul to be stirred by your Spirit as I seek to respond to what matters most.

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  1. Susan Gregory

     /  11 November 2013

    Thank you for sharing your experience with this hymn, it is one that truly resonates in my soul.

  2. Myla Policarpo

     /  11 November 2013

    I love this hymn and have tried my very best to make it my anthem as I serve in my priesthood office.

  3. Carolyn Brock

     /  11 November 2013

    Nicely done, Lauren. One of my favorites too! Thank you for remembering Roy in this way. He was a soulful man and compassionate minister. Congratulations to you and the whole team on the new hymnal completion. I am enjoying the old and new selections. Blessings from Oregon!

  4. Vera Entwistle

     /  11 November 2013

    The hymn is also one of my favorites. A friend in Australia has asked us to sing this at her funeral if we are in the country when this happens. The melody is a haunting one. Roy, was a dear friend, also. What a great contribution he made to the church and to Habitat. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This hymn has sustained me during several critical times in my life: at the approaching death of both my parents, when being present with a friend struggling with addiction, as a lullaby for my baby grandson as he fought for life following birth trauma, as a duet sung in church with my son-in-law at my grandson’s blessing. No hymn stirs me more deeply.

  6. Stephen Calvarese

     /  11 November 2013

    This is definitely a hymn to live by.

    Sent from my iPhone Steve Calvarese



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