I Will Be With You

Monday, November 25

11-25By Sara Parkin of Midland, Michigan, USA

…And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

—Matthew 28:20

(Part 9 of my journey with Alzheimer’s Disease) I have been struggling for two to three weeks to write this. I know what I want to do with my words, yet I can’t put them where I want them. I have about three different messages in my mind waiting to deliver to you. I start on one and I can’t remember the words or where they go; the letters don’t look right. I want to scream. I need help. I need focus. I need patience. I need rest. I need God. I know that God is here all the time. And I started to think that God does not want me working on this project and wants me to rest.

The word “focus” came in to my mind. I need to sit down and take on only one thing at a time. Then I said to myself, “Sara, you have to get the bulletin ready for the service on August 29.” The instant I saw the theme “I will be with you,” it hit my heart hard and I went looking for the pastor to claim it. I wanted to preside. Then I started to doubt.

I know there is no bad service. If only one person is blessed by God, it is good.

I had two months to be ready. I read the scriptures, the music, the readings, and all the things that were laid out that week. Then, I took a break and made time to feel it in my soul.

Then it was August, got to get going. About that time I was slowly getting tired, and I was getting upset, angry. Why can I not be able to work on my writing? I am not laughing or smiling. Why, Why, Why?

I went back on my knees, and again asked “Why, what is wrong, when will it get better?” I know it will get better. Ah! Your will! O Lord, I am sorry. I have been focusing at the wrong times, not taking rests. It was OK. Lying on my bed, I took the time to listen to God as I kept my mouth shut. God answered my questions in my prayer: Focus on the next two weeks, and you will be able to preside at the service if you keep focusing. Can I focus? Yes I can, as long as I walk side by side with God.

Praise God, who was with us at our service on Sunday. “I Will Be With You.” What a beautiful day! And the Lord gives us one beautiful day at a time.

Prayer for Peace
Ever-present God, may we always feel you beside us. We have so many questions and frustrations. Give us patience. Give us strength to share Christ’s peace.

Spiritual Practice: Spiritual Hunger
Jesus discerned hungers of body and spirit, and he fed them through a physical, verbal, spiritual ministry of presence. In a time of listening prayer ask God to help you discern physical or spiritual hungers of people in your congregation, community, and global family. Invite the Spirit to move you to one hospitable act that “feeds” someone’s hunger today.

Peace Covenant
Today, God, I will focus on what matters most.

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