We Are Innkeepers

Monday, December 9

12-9By Dorene Kilburn of Stratford, Ontario, Canada

And you will not have a mind to injure one another, but to live peaceable, and to render to every man according to that which is his due.

—Mosiah 2:24

It’s the time of year when coloured lights begin to adorn houses and front lawns. Amid the Christmas shopping frenzy, we hear carols. The Advent season is on us and churches all over our city are leading worshippers to Bethlehem to celebrate Christ’s birth.

One of the churches here offered a magnificent display of over 300 nativity scenes. The leaders set up the display ingeniously on long planks that stretched across the pews from the front to the back of the sanctuary. This allowed observers to walk up and down the aisles to view these wonderful creations. Some were made of wood, some formed in clay, all drawing us to the baby in the manger, whose coming as Messiah was prophesied.

That’s a very comforting thought. However, I recently read a short comment that challenged my thinking. It said, “Each of us is an innkeeper who decides if there is room in the inn for Jesus.” Suddenly I wasn’t just a passive observer. This was about me and my commitment!  I ask myself, have I rendered to Jesus that room in my life which is his due? As I think back over the years, there have been times when I haven’t had room for Jesus. Regrettably, I can’t change that, but I hope these words remain with me to remind me that real joy and fulfillment in life comes only when I make room for Jesus.

Prayer for Peace
Creator God, help us blur from our eyes the sparkling garland and let them reflect instead, the light of Christ. Raise our hearing above the clamor of commerce and let us listen to the bells of freedom and justice. Let us make room in our lives for Christ and sharing his peace.

Spiritual Practice for Advent: Hope
Close your mind to troubling thoughts from the past by placing them in God’s generous hands and letting them go. Let God speak to your fearful heart. Think of your hope for the future—open windows in your mind through which you can see compassionate actions. Reflect on the approaching hope of the Christ child. What is your part in the reason for that hope? Rejoice in the Hope of the world.

Peace Covenant
Today, God, I will not count shopping days until December 25, I will count preparation days for the coming of the Christ Child.

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     /  10 December 2013

    Thanks Doreen for blessing us with your sharing.

  2. Betty Robinson

     /  9 December 2013

    Thanks Doreen for your inspiring thoughts.


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