Trust and Hope

Thursday, December 12

12-12By Becky Willis Shantz of Lamoni, Iowa, USA

Those of steadfast mind you keep in peace— in peace because they trust in you.

—Isaiah 26:3

After battling icy ruts on the interstate highway in Kentucky during the night, I decided to get some rest. I would wait and try the road again in daylight. Though I planned carefully to miss the storm, the highway remained treacherous with snow and ice. I and the few others on the road drove slowly. We passed many cars stuck on the side of the road. Some had passengers in them waiting for help. My heart was heavy with the pain of my own family problems.

As dawn broke, I resumed my drive. Daylight brought many drivers out, and traffic was stopped due to accidents ahead. Not far away was a familiar family restaurant. I looked forward to a hot breakfast in front of the fireplace.

As I walked in, I noticed a woman in the gift shop. During my meal, I looked across the room and again saw her sitting only a few tables away. As I stood in line after my meal to pay the cashier, the same woman came up behind me in line. Just before my turn to pay, she asked, “Are you going to Nashville?”

I turned to her. “I’m going through there, but I’m headed to Florida to be with my family for Christmas.” She suggested I take an alternate route, parallel to the interstate highway, and gave me directions. “It will also be covered with snow, but at least you will be moving.” I was skeptical to leave my known route, but decided to try this alternative rather than sit on the interstate highway indefinitely.

She was right. Snow still covered most of the route. But I was moving! And the scenery was awesome! As the sun shone in a bright blue sky, it revealed the after-effects of the storm—sparkling ice covered trees and bushes. After about two hours, I joined the interstate highway at Nashville, and the road was clear from there.

That woman was an angel for me. Out of nowhere she had come and directed me to a path of great beauty and blessing. I trusted her. I trusted God. I felt the assurance that God was with me. I felt full to overflowing with strength, hope, and gratitude.

Prayer for Peace
Thank you, God, for sending helpers, comforters, and guides. May we guide others as we share Christ’s peace.

Spiritual Practice for Advent: Hope
Close your mind to troubling thoughts from the past by placing them in God’s generous hands and letting them go. Let God speak to your fearful heart. Think of your hope for the future—open windows in your mind through which you can see compassionate actions. Reflect on the approaching hope of the Christ child. What is your part in the reason for that hope? Rejoice in the Hope of the world.

Peace Covenant
Today, God, I will be someone’s earthly angel.

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  1. Jane Connell

     /  12 December 2013

    I, too, found myself out on the highway headed towards Graceland in the midst of a terrible winter storm. As I waited to pay for gasoline a gentleman came up to me and said to follow him. Outside I found that he had cleaned the windows and the car was ready to go. I followed him that night towards Salt Lake City. After stopping for a moment, he told me where I would find a motel with a room waiting for me. I looked down for a matter of seconds, turned to tell him thank you only to find that he and his car had vanished. God blessed me with a clear path the rest of my journey.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    Jane Connell

  2. Peter

     /  12 December 2013

    Good morning Mom and Dad,

    I signed up for this online version of Daily Bread:

    Do you receive this?



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