God in the Everyday

Thursday, January 2

1-2By Janné Grover of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, USA

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

—1 Corinthians 1:3

I find it hard to say “no.” Part of this comes from my need-to-please personality type, and part comes from my sincere joy in being helpful. Either way, I often get overloaded. I am not alone in this—I know many can relate all too well. Daily demands and responsibilities often crowd out the joy of serving, being open to God’s ever-present Spirit, and taking time to nurture our closeness with others.

Recently I felt consumed by daily tasks and responsibilities to the point that I had left little time for God. I know God did not move from me; rather I had allowed myself to move from God. Even as I sat in the Daily Prayer for Peace, I found it difficult to tune out the “noise” in my mind so I could be open to God’s Spirit.

My busy task orientation also began to affect how I engaged with my family and friends and how I made choices. One day I went to the Daily Prayer for Peace begrudgingly, expecting to obsess over my to-do list instead of being open to prayer and listening.

What I experienced was the opposite. When I needed God’s reassuring presence, the Spirit washed over me and filled me in ways that were unexpected. My mind was filled with reassurance, acceptance, comfort, and peace. I left the service renewed by the knowledge that God meets us as we are, even when we least expect it.

God desires this peace for each of us. We can find joy in the journey of service, even when responsibilities feel like burdens. When we allow God’s Spirit to refuel us, we become more aware of God’s love and compassion in the busy-ness of every new day and every new year.

Prayer for Peace
God of grace and peace, hear our prayer. We wait for our hearts to open to your ever-present and comforting Spirit. May our burdens become opportunities to serve. May the noise of our busy days become hymns of praise and peace.

Spiritual Practice: Daily Prayer for Peace
The Daily Prayer for Peace takes place year-round in the Temple in Independence, Missouri; the Kirtland Temple in Ohio; and weekly in many Community of Christ congregations throughout the world. Each day we pray for a specific country or group. Go to http://www.cofchrist.org/prayerpeace/2014_Calendar.asp to identify the group or country for today. Listen and ask God for images and insights about the people, environment, and needs of this country. Say or write a prayer of blessing and peace for this part of God’s world.

Peace Covenant
Today, God, I will leave my “to-do” list at the door when I enter my time of prayer.

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  1. Sorry for the miss information. Correction was made to the blog.

  2. Irvin L. Jones

     /  2 January 2014

    I was wondering the same thing. I think we need a tag at the top of the page with the country listed. Please!!!

  3. Cecilia Housman

     /  2 January 2014

    Umm…it suggests I go to the front of the “book” to identify the group or country for the prayer of peace today? How do I do that when I don’t have a BOOK?

  1. A short prayer for peace and joy | Disciples of hope


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