Kind Words Spoken Here

Saturday, January 4

1-4By Evelyn Spence of Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA

God, the Eternal Creator, weeps for the poor, displaced, mistreated, and diseased of the world because of their unnecessary suffering. Such conditions are not God’s will. Open your ears to hear the pleading of mothers and fathers in all nations who desperately seek a future of hope for their children. Do not turn away from them. For in their welfare resides your welfare.

Doctrine and Covenants 163:4a

I can be blunt, sarcastic, and “tell it like it is” when I am with family members or friends. They know not to take me too seriously. It is the opposite when I am in a more professional or service-giving position. When I taught school I was rarely sarcastic. I found I had to use gentle, empathetic, and positive language as I spoke with parents and children.

I still find this true in my work as a clerk at a thrift store and pantry. Today we had a long line of families coming for supplies. It was close to the end of the month.  These people were close to the end of their monthly allotment of food stamps. We were all close to the end of our patience and understanding.

Many people asked for clothing. One mother was happy to get her teenage daughter a winter coat and, for herself, some clothing. She hadn’t used her allotted amount, so I suggested some other items. “Good, good idea!” she responded gratefully.

We often cannot give as much as is needed by our patrons. We try to be diplomatic and affirm the patrons’ integrity and pride. We try hard to be fair and honor their worth as persons.

I continually, but silently, thank the Lord I am able to help people, always mindful that I could be the one who needs such services.

Prayer for Peace
Gentle God, may we always speak kind words that reflect a gentle heart. May we always think generous thoughts and serve with willing hands.

Spiritual Practice: Honoring the Worth of All Persons
Read Psalm 139:13–18. After each reading sit quietly and let the words sink deeply into your mind, heart, and body. Imagine God watching you grow in your mother’s womb. What thoughts and feelings do you have about being “fearfully and wonderfully made?”

Sense the intimate knowledge and love God has of you and every child. Be aware of the sacred worth of each person. Weep with God over the soul-wounding forces and events that rob people of dignity and worth. How are you invited to notice, protect, heal, and affirm the spiritual identity of all God’s beloved people today? Pray for God’s compassion.

Peace Covenant
Today, God, I will be grateful for the opportunity to do Christ’s mission.

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  1. Gede Prama

     /  5 January 2014

    Thank you very much, I’am really glad that I’m following you. I’m still figuring out. Just wanted to say that you are an awesome blogger. greetings from Gede Prama 😉

  2. Carol Vincent

     /  4 January 2014

    I so much needed this message today. Yesterday I was angry at a company that was making my life very difficult and took it out on employees who don’t make company policy. After I spoke some hasty words I immediately was brought to my knees realizing that I had not spoken in a way that was as Christ would want me to speak. Thank you for your reminder that I should always speak kind words.


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