“Yes, Someone Really Cares!”

Monday, February 10

2-10By Cindy L. Korf of North Platte, Nebraska, USA

How blessed are they! For they published peace; they published good tidings of good; and they declared to the people that the Lord reigns.

—Mosiah 11:207

A homeless man was released from the hospital. He was the victim of an attempted murder. I lost contact with him. I spoke to his sister about him and his possible whereabouts. She told me she had not seen or heard from him in years but very much wanted to contact him. When a police officer found him, he brought the man into the county attorney’s office, where I work.

I shared with him about the contact I had with his sister in Texas. I told him of her wish to speak with him and of her concern for him. This information surprised him—that someone cared about him. I mentioned to him that I would call her to let her know we found him, and he was safe. Again, he asked if she really cared, and I said, “Yes.”

At that moment (I believe by the Holy Spirit’s prompting) I called her while he was still in my office. I received her answering machine, so I left a short message that police had found her brother and that he was standing there with me. I asked the man if he wanted to say something.

He reached for the phone, and started to tear up as he told his sister “Hi,” and that he was safe. He thanked her for caring. He couldn’t finish and handed the phone back to me.

Shortly, his sister called back. With a broken voice she cried, “I heard my brother’s voice. And I have him recorded on my phone. Thank you for the peace you have brought me.”

Although it shouldn’t surprise me, I still wonder at how the Lord works within our lives to touch others and to show his love to them. I hope I opened the door for further contact. It is a humbling experience. It reaffirms that God is with us always, and cares for all of us.

Prayer for Peace
Compassionate God, help us bring reconciliation wherever there is separation. Help us mend that which is broken. Make us publishers of peace.

Spiritual Practice: Embodying God’s Shalom
Find a way to express and embody God’s shalom. Begin by prayerfully listening to your longing for peace. Become silent and imagine you can hear the groaning of the Earth’s people, nations, and creatures. Prayerfully open yourself to God’s yearning for peace and the divine vision of shalom.

What images, feelings, and words come to you? What prayer for peace comes to you from your time of listening? Speak or write this prayer. What act of justice, kindness, healing, or peacemaking does God invite you to consider this day?

Peace Covenant
Today, God, I will be aware of cracks within my community that cause harm. Give me courage to fill the voids with love.

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  1. Diane Akers

     /  15 February 2014

    Heart warming story of Love!

  2. Kathy Bridwell,
    Oh! Cindy, Hello and thought of this as I came out of church last nigh for the 2nd Sun. night social and there were a number of homeless outside waiting to get to shelter. Visited with some and wished them well. But I wondered does anyone care? One of their friends, a gal I knew passed away little more than a year ago sleeping against a tree. I knew her family or deceased husband that is but she wouldn’t go to them for help. It was so sad. My heart aches for these people. Thanks Cindy.

  3. Vera Entwistle

     /  10 February 2014

    Cindy, this “every day” story moved me as I thought of friends who are ostracized by their family or who have chosen to do this to themselves. What a lonely life that can be. Your efforts on behalf of this man were great. Well done!

  4. Gladys Geis

     /  10 February 2014

    Thanks so much Cindy for your testimony of how God is working in your life. I appreciate you sharing in the Daily Bread. God Bless you.


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