Kindness Discount

Saturday, February 15

2-15By Chris Lasley of Vancouver, Washington, USA

For the kingdom of God is not food and drink but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. The one who thus serves Christ is acceptable to God and has human approval.

—Romans 14:17–18

Stan is the manager of a hardware store. He’s well-known in the community as someone you can go to for a fair deal. The hardware store has become a venue for Stan to make a difference in people’s lives.

Even though there weren’t any ads for specials that day, the store was busy. Customers lined up at the checkout, and Stan hurried when he noticed an elderly woman holding heavy paint cans. The man in front of the woman also noticed her heavy load. He invited her to go ahead of him.

After she checked out and left, Stan served the kind customer. The man said to Stan, “You didn’t charge me enough.” Stan said, “Yes, I did. I know we have limited counter space here, and I appreciate you letting that woman go in front of you. I gave you a 10-percent kindness discount.”

At the end of the day, Stan added up the sales at the hardware store. He left feeling peaceful and pleased. May you find peace and opportunities for kindness at your workplace this day.

Prayer for Peace
Generous God, may we not lose track of small ways we may extend kindness. May we recognize kindness in others and bless them in return. May we share the peace of Jesus Christ in small ways and not-noticeable ways, but in ways that make a difference.

Spiritual Practice: Develop Disciples to Serve
Read and reflect on Psalm 42:1–2. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called to respond to people and their needs. The call to journey inward can restore us in times of physical or spiritual depletion.

Imagine you can feel a vessel at the center of your being (a clay jar, a crystal vase, a metal bucket, or other container). Imagine drawing something from the vessel to share with another person, but as you reach inside you find only a tiny pool of stagnant liquid. You are thirsty, dry, empty.

Listen prayerfully again to the psalm, “As a deer longs for flowing streams, so my soul longs for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.” As you feel restored, thank God for the opportunity to be a responding, serving disciple while you move into the outward journey. Remember this exercise as you drink water throughout the day.

Peace Covenant
Today, God, I will open my eyes to the needs of others, and I will respond.

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  1. Marlene Krueger

     /  15 February 2014

    Thank you for your beautiful story that reminds that even the smallest acts of loving kindness are important.


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