Hearing and Heeding

Monday, February 17

2-17By Harry Dennis of Boise, Idaho, USA

Listen to the Voice that echoes across the eons of time and yet speaks anew in this moment. Listen to the Voice, for it cannot be stilled, and it calls you once again to the great and marvelous work of building the peaceable kingdom, even Zion, on behalf of the One whose name you claim.

—Doctrine and Covenants 162:1b

Throughout history God speaks, especially through prophets. However, we each can hear God’s voice if we are in tune with the Spirit. Of course, we also need to listen. Too often we rely on appointed people to be channels of God’s messages. God also can speak to us. We have minds that can hear God’s message and hearts to embrace the good Spirit living in us.

Outside noises that compete for our attention are a common difficulty in hearing and heeding God’s voice. These noises often drown out what God would have us understand. We also have trouble distinguishing between God’s meaning and our own interpretation. It is easy and dangerous to credit our words to God. We do this by making up our minds or presuming what God would say. We can open ourselves and engage a filter of Enduring Principles through which to discover the truth.

If we honestly and sincerely pray for the capacity to receive God’s words, and if we seek to hear and then heed these words, the good Spirit can be our channel for understanding God’s direction. God continues to speak and blesses us by providing a personal relationship that can give meaning and purpose to our lives.

Prayer for Peace
Speak to us in this moment, God. Help us shut out the din and clamor of our commercial lives. Help us focus on your message, your great and marvelous mission of building the peaceable kingdom.

Spiritual Practice: Ongoing Revelation
One Enduring Principle of Community of Christ is Continuing Revelation. We are a people always in process, shaped by God’s interaction with us. In prayer, listen deeply to the name, “Community of Christ.” Write or say a prayer asking God to continue to form us through our name. Listen deeply to what it would mean to live in community, following and sharing the way of Christ.

Peace Covenant
Today, God, I will listen for you from a deeper level.

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  1. Karen (Dudek) Sebby

     /  17 February 2014

    Hi Hap! Nice to see your name and post in the Daily Bread! Brought back some good memories! Thanks for sharing! Tell Lena hi for me! Karen

  2. Terry C Smith

     /  17 February 2014

    To Harry:

    I saw “Harry Dennis of Boise, Idaho,” and I thought “Hap, you ol’ bandit, you still have your have your hand on the plough.” It was a good way to start the day.

    And your post was right on. It was perceptive and compelling. I need a major tune-up in my hearing and heeding, and your post may jump my start. Thanks for your insights.

    Do you ever see Dale Foster? I call him periodically—in fact it’s time and I’ll do it today.

    Best wishes to you, my friend.

    Terry Smith


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