Decision Time

Wednesday, March 26

3-26By Norma J. Cross of Independence, Missouri, USA

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

—Romans 15:13

Shortly before Easter was decision time for Jesus. He made plans.

Jesus would go to Jerusalem for a feast day, teach and do miracles, win some disciples. Then the Pharisees would turn people against him. Was that part of the plan? Now what? They took up stones to cast at him until he had to hide himself. He escaped to the Sea of Galilee, where he had no fear for his life. He fed 5,000 people. He spoke. He tried going back to Jerusalem again, but he couldn’t get them to understand that he was a shepherd, and his sheep would know his voice.

How relieved he must have felt back up in Galilee with his 12, enjoying their companionship, teaching, praying. And yet, all the time knowing his time was drawing near.

Then word comes of Lazarus being ill. Will he go? Decision time. Did he have a choice? Of course he did. If I forget the humanness of Jesus and say, “Oh, yeah, but that was Jesus,” I haven’t caught the depth of his love for me.

I ask myself, “Am I a true believer? Do I really believe he died for me?” I still have my struggles and hardships, but he always brings me hope and strength. His choices show me the way, and I know grace is there for me because of his decision.

Faith and strength have grown slowly for me. There are times when I feel such a close companionship, and then there are times that I pull away from him. Then I tire and say I just can’t do anymore.

He just smiles and assures me…“You have the power of the Holy Spirit. Make a decision. Pedal.”

Prayer for Peace
God of grace, we offer our humble faith in the power of your Spirit. Guide us in our choices for peace.

Spiritual Practice: Making Responsible Choices
Prayerfully seek God’s guidance in your choices. Discernment invites us to orient our lives toward God and God’s vision for us and creation. Begin by reviewing the responsibilities and opportunities in the day before you. Take these choices into prayer, asking God for wisdom and insight about what matters most.

Offer yourself to God with the prayer of Teresa of Avila: “God, what do you want of me today?” Sit prayerfully with this question as you review the day again. Be aware of images, thoughts, names, or actions that come to you. Ask for a blessing to live this day responsibly and compassionately in the Spirit of Christ.

Peace Covenant
Today, God, to my believing I will add deeds that prove it true.

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