adopt (ɘdɒ́pt) v.t. to make one’s own, to accept

Thursday, April 3

4-3aBy Karen Tousley Hutchinson of Loveland, Colorado, USA

And I will walk among you, and will be your God, and you shall be my people.

—Leviticus 26:12

At a Sunday-morning worship service, we used a responsive reading by Judy Judd with these lines: “We seek identity and you adopt us as your people. Whatever is of value and worth in our lives has come by your rich blessing.”

The term “adopt” has great meaning for me. Twenty years ago, my husband and I adopted three brothers. They came into our family not realizing what value and worth they already had. They had experienced mostly rejection and abuse. They did not realize they were seeking something of value and worth.

Aren’t many of us like that? Don’t we also seek confirmation that we are people of significance? We seek a place that values us and accepts us as we are. We did not always accept that our three sons had a significant role to play in our lives and the lives of those around us. Over the years, we realized those gifts as blessings for us.

But I am sure the Christ we worship already knows that about our sons and about each of us. In my experience Christ’s community adopts each of us. It accepts us as we are today. We each slip and find ourselves feeling abused and neglected. But when we reach to take Christ’s hand, that adoption and acceptance becomes real and visible to us.

Prayer for Peace
Holy Parent, you claim us as your own people. Help us to know you as our God. Help us find our roots in you. Help us find peace in your Son, Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Practice: Deepening Roots
A tree with superficial roots will wither during drought or be uprooted by severe storms. A tree whose roots go deep is stable and draws from deep waters. Imagine yourself as a tree by a river or stream. Sense your roots extending deep into the earth in search of God’s Spirit. Reflect or pray about what you hope to find as your spirit searches for deeper identity in God.

Peace Covenant
Today, God, I will express appreciation for the blessing of relationships in my life.

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