Reach for a Crumb

Saturday, April 5

4-5aBy Hazel Sundell of Independence, Missouri, USA

…the Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.

—Numbers 6:25–26

Waiting to take part in Communion at World Conference, I remembered a story that Apostle Jim Cable told of serving the Lord’s Supper in Africa. So many people came to the service there wasn’t enough bread.

He told us that as the plate went farther back in the crowd, only crumbs were left. As the crumbs got smaller, the people licked their fingers for the crumbs to stick. This is how they could take part. They were hungry for the Spirit and were thankful to get even a crumb.

As I sat in the Conference Chamber, ministers passed the Communion bread. Because of the difficulty of serving in such a tight area, I couldn’t see into the plate to choose my piece of bread. As I reached to the plate, all I felt at first were crumbs. Instead of moving my fingers for a larger piece, I took the first crumb I felt, and I thought of the Africans. I felt thankful and blessed with even a crumb. I felt God’s peace settle over those gathered at the Conference.

Prayer for Peace
Sacramental God, help us partake of your blessings, knowing how far and wide they spread; knowing there is always enough if we share. May we share peace like a riv0er, flowing to all. Help us bring peace close enough for all to reach.

Spiritual Practice: Reflection on Hunger
Bring a piece of bread to your worship space and hold it in your hands. Reflect on all the people and work that made this bread possible. See and remember the farmers growing and harvesting the grain; the millers, bakers, transportation workers, and grocers. Offer a prayer of gratitude and blessing for all who have worked to create this bread.

Feel its texture, look at its color, and smell its fragrance. Take a bite, chew slowly, and let it become part of your body. Ask for compassion and courage to offer bread to all who hunger.

Peace Covenant
Today, God, I will not reach for more until all have been fed.

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  1. JoAnne

     /  2 May 2014

    Hazel, I still remember Jim telling this story. Thank you for the reminder.
    JoAnne Kelty

  2. karen

     /  5 April 2014

    I love the spiritual practice of eating the bread very mindfully and not worrying about how much you receive. We must only take crumbs until all are fed in all ways we can imagine and what God imagines for us. Is this learning to live generously?


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