And the Best Season Is…

Monday, April 14

4-14By Louita Clothier of Lamoni, Iowa, USA

Your steadfast love, O Lord, extends to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds. Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, your judgments are like the great deep.… How precious is your steadfast love, O God! …For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light.

—Psalm 36:5–7, 9

The change of seasons blesses me. As I write, summer strides out with fullness. This year’s extra rain produced a lusher and greener spring than I can remember. As I walk on our area recreational trail, the foliage embraces me. It surrounds me like a tunnel of love—nature’s love.

I love summer in the Midwestern USA! In addition, I love spring, autumn, and, yes, even winter! Each season performs its own magic, gives its own unique gifts.

I have seen more springs emerge from winter’s ice than I want to admit, but buds on the trees thrill me every year. The autumn countryside offers a visual feast for me, with the golden maples and scarlet sumac accompanying football games and bonfires. The wind sculpts glistening, pristine snowfalls into wave-like peaks and valleys.

As the seasons of nature come and go, so in life do we have times of joy and times of sadness. We know that though life’s episodes change, the Lord loves us with a steadfast and constant love. God’s promises endure, even when we struggle with the changing seasons of life.

Prayer for Peace
As the plow breaks clods of earth so dormant seeds may spring up, Lord, soften the hardness in me, so tender shoots may grow and bear fruit in their season.

—Peggy Michael

Spiritual Practice: Caring for God’s Sacred Creation
Choose a way to notice, give thanks, and care for God’s sacred creation. Prayerfully consider one of the following practices or create your own. Walk in nature with a spirit of gratitude. Look and listen for God in all creation. Write or pray a psalm of praise for the Earth’s beauty or a prayer of healing and blessing for its wounds.

Learn about and engage in an act of Earth-keeping such as recycling, simple living, or fasting from over-consumption of resources. Notice the diversity of the planet’s creatures and be gentle to plants, animals, trees, and people! Fall in love with the vast, intricate wonder of God’s creation and give thanks.

Peace Covenant
Today, God, I will take in the beauty of creation and put it back unharmed.

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  1. Susan Gregory

     /  22 April 2014

    What a beautifully descriptive picture you painted with your words. Since I can hardly imagine a life without knowing how much God adores each of us, it’s too easy to take it for granted. Somehow your story made it stand out for me again – how very constant and dependable our Creator God Savior is!

  2. Louita Clothier

     /  16 April 2014

    Nancy, I hope you are finding that, though life will never be the same, it can be good. God bless you with warm memories.

  3. Nancy

     /  14 April 2014

    The Daily Bread had meaning as I read it today, as I recently lost my husband of 48 years to cancer and my life has to face many changes but my faith in my unchangeable God will see me through this time of sadness.


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