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Saturday, May 24

5-24By Kendra Friend of Independence, Missouri, USA

He it is who makes the clouds rise at the end of the earth; he makes lightnings for the rain and brings out the wind from his storehouses…and gave their land as a heritage, a heritage to his people Israel. Your name, O Lord, endures forever, your renown, O Lord, throughout all ages. For the Lord will vindicate his people, and have compassion on his servants.

—Psalm 135:7, 12–14 NRSV

On May 22, 2011, a devastating tornado struck Joplin, Missouri. The death toll was 160, with 1,000 injured. We prayed for the affected families. Members of the Joplin Congregation in Missouri were accounted for after the tornado. Some suffered minor injuries, such as cuts, scrapes, and bruises, but no serious injuries.

Several families lost homes and businesses. The World Church provided funds for meals, bottled water, and shelter. Opportunities for worship were available to help in the healing.

South Central States USA Mission Center President Karen Tillery said, “Thank you for the ministry you shared with those affected by the disaster. I feel such peace, knowing our church family around the world is praying for everyone concerned.”

Because of your continuing contributions to the Abolish Poverty, End Suffering Mission Initiative, Community of Christ has the ability to respond as an international church in times of crisis to provide support and relief in difficult situations. Thank you for responding compassionately and generously.

Prayer for Peace Compassionate God, we thank you for disciples who respond to those in crisis. Thank you for the comfort of their prayers. When we hear of urgent need, may we add tangible aid to our prayers and share from our abundance.

Spiritual Practice: Psalm Writing The psalms are prayers of honesty and trust. The psalmist trusts God’s presence in times of fear and failure, joy and plenty, growth and change. Write a short psalm-prayer expressing to God the truth about your physical, emotional, and spiritual state. What are your deepest feelings, longings, and needs? What prayer of praise, intercession, or petition flows from you as you consider your life and the life of God’s world?

Peace Covenant Today, God, I will not wait for disaster to occur before sharing tangible love.

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