Cry of the Glaciers

Monday, June 2

6-2By John Bonney of Springfield, Oregon, USA

The land is being desecrated by the thoughtless waste of vital resources…

—Doctrine and Covenants 150:7

Before our cruise to Alaska, I wasn’t sure what Tracy Arm was. I thought it might be a small town. It turned out to be a fjord. It lies 100 miles southeast of Juneau. Two hundred years ago, there was no Tracy Arm. The glacial ice came right out to the sea. With warming temperatures the ice has retreated 23 miles inland, leaving this great cleft in the granite.

The sheer rock walls climb 3,000 feet while hiding 1,000 feet more under water. Moving glaciers carved this narrow channel. Icebergs floated on the water, and if your eyes were sharp, you could spot an occasional seal.

About a third of the way in, we passed a sister ship coming out. As these two large cruise ships passed each other, they blew their horns. Great bellowing blasts rang through the primordial setting of the fjord like two ancient beasts trumpeting each other. The passengers of both ships cheered and waved.

As we sailed on, massive streams cascaded from the high cliffs into the seawater. A naturalist on board explained the calving process of the melting glaciers. Most of the 2,700 passengers were on deck. When we traveled as far as possible, the view was so majestic that my heart caught in my throat. My breathing became more rapid and shallow. The water for the entire inward trip was a mysterious light green, milky with glacial flour.

There was a hush over the ship—passengers and crew. It was a spiritual experience. Not just for a few but seemingly for all. We came near to recognizing our connection to creation, to every other person, and to the Divine.

Some call it calving—
I call it crying.
Massive ice tears
slide down the face of the glacier
and float away from home.

—Lu Mountenay

Prayer for Peace Creator of glaciers and fjords, help us live on your Earth without harmful impact. Help us be gentle, careful, and mindful of its future inhabitants.

Spiritual Practice: Sea of Light Quiet and center yourself. Close your eyes, breathing deeply and calmly. Imagine that you are floating in a beautiful sea of light that rises and falls with each cycle of your breath. The golden light of this sea buoys you up, so you float effortlessly. Waves of light carry and wash over you, bringing wholeness and peace. Rest in the sea of God’s love and then offer gratitude.

Peace Covenant Today, God, as much as possible, I will take care not to cause climate change.

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  1. merna Short

     /  5 June 2014

    Beautiful imagery and thoughts through the whole of this blog. Thank you.

  2. Velma Vanderpool

     /  3 June 2014

    How sad but yet a good eye opener, warning us of what is happening in other parts of our great world, We need to open our eyes and treat it more gently. Velma Vanderpool, Wilder, Idaho


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