A Young and Generous Disciple

Saturday, June 21

6-21By Greg Savage of Lee’s Summit, Missouri USA

Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received.

—1 Peter 4:10 NRSV

My sister, Theresa, told me about her granddaughter, Lexi. Theresa taught Lexi generosity of the heart and awareness of the needs of others.

After viewing a program on television, Lexi asked her mom if she could use her birthday money to help someone buy shoes. Her mom suggested they ask the school counselor if any students needed new shoes.

The counselor had two students in mind who were taken from their family because of neglect. They were living with a relative. They came to their new home with the clothes they were wearing and nothing more. There was no extra money to buy more clothes or shoes.

Lexi, her mom, and the counselor decided that buying the kids new shoes would be the best way to help them. So with the shoe sizes noted, they went to the store to buy shoes, and discovered they could get the second pair for half price. When Lexi delivered the shoes to the school, the principal got down on his knees—eye to eye with her—and told her that she was his hero for her generosity.

This was not the only time that she was generous. She received a new bike for her birthday, and a couple of months later she won another new bike in a drawing. As they were leaving the parking lot, she saw a friend getting into a car. Lexi asked her if she had a bike. The little girl said she just rode her brother’s old bike, and it was too small for her. Lexi offered her the bike she had just won.

Lexi has learned to be generous according to her capacity by helping those in need around her.

Prayer for Peace Generous God, help us be mindful of ways we can be generous to those who are in need.

Spiritual Practice: Listening to Children Sit in your quiet place and center your heart and mind on God’s presence. Spend several minutes asking God to bring into your awareness the names and images of children in your life. You may see their faces or hear their voices as you receive these impressions. Listen deeply to the unique gifts and needs of the children who come to mind. Offer a prayer of blessing for each child and the needs you sense. If you feel led, you also may want to write a note or card and give a message of affirmation and love to each child.

Peace Covenant Today, God, I will be aware of opportunities to share.

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