The Mission of the Children

Monday, June 23

6-23By Lisa Soignier of Independence, Missouri, USA

But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without a trace of partiality or hypocrisy.

—James 3:17 NRSV

My grandmother loved taking her family to summer church camps. When I was a little girl she and my grandfather took me and my two young uncles to a reunion (family camp).

The two adults rode in the cab of the truck, and the children rode on a bench in the back. It was raining. A big plastic tarp was tied over the truck bed to keep us dry. Today’s law would consider this method of transportation unsafe. As I got older, transportation got a little safer.

One year my grandmother drove a large motor home to camp and took 10 grandchildren. It was comical to see so many children emerging from the vehicle—like off-loading the ark.

My own mother continued this tradition, plus seatbelts. This past summer four generations from our family attended reunion at Bald Knob, Arkansas.

Attending reunions affects our family’s involvement in church in a big way. The children learn from an early age that they are an important part of our faith community. They become familiar with reading scripture, offering prayers, ministering with music, and receiving the offering for worship services. They are enthusiastic to serve the Lord. They minister with their presence, as only children can do.

May our children continue to lead the way. May Christ’s mission be our mission, and their mission.

Prayer for Peace God of wisdom, may we be as children—peaceable, gentle, without hypocrisy. May we follow them to share the good fruits of Christ’s Mission.

Spiritual Practice: Listening to Children Sit in your quiet place and center your heart and mind on God’s presence. Spend several minutes asking God to bring into your awareness the names and images of children in your life. You may see their faces or hear their voices as you receive these impressions.

Listen deeply to the unique gifts and needs of the children who come to mind. Offer a prayer of blessing for each child and the needs you sense. If you feel led, you also may want to write a note or card and give a message of affirmation and love to each child.

Peace Covenant Today, God, I will send an e-mail or letter to a child who has touched my life.

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  1. Adele

     /  23 June 2014

    I too remember similar transport arrangements to reunions. My brother and I would have a bed made in the back cab, on top of a layer of boxes and camping gear. We communicated to our parents in the front by means of a vacuum cleaner hose stretching between windows. Such memories from another time!

  2. Karen Hurchinson

     /  23 June 2014

    I do love reunions and camps and have been both the takee and taker. But it’s also vital to remember that all participants in the life of our church community need to be involved and appreciated all year long.

  3. Janné Grover

     /  23 June 2014

    Thank you, Lisa, for sharing this wonderful reminder of the way we are formed as a community through the reunion experience.


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