What Can I Do for You Today, God?

Tuesday, August 26

BibleBy Wendy Ballard of Forster, New South Wales, Australia

…do good; seek peace, and pursue it.

—Psalm 34:14 NRSV

Recently I had the privilege of conducting the memorial service of a 95-year-old disciple, with emphasis on the word disciple because she was. She was also faithful, prayerful, scripturally literate, and an inspiration to me. Whenever I visited her, we would pray. First I prayed. She would follow, thanking and praising God for life, her many blessings, and then—wonder of wonders—for me.

She shared with me her favorite scriptures, her significant hymns, her beloved people, and her love of writing and reading poetry. Here are a few lines from one of her poems, which I quoted at her celebration service:

I love my God, and God loves me, too,
without my faith what would I do?
God is my strength and my refuge, too,
God’s response is amazing and true.

I can remember thinking, she is 95 years old, and in life and near death, she still finds ways to proclaim her love of and total faith and trust in the Living God. I remember her morning prayer: “Dear God, what can I do for you today?” Wow! What if we prayed a prayer like that each day?

God relies on people like you and me to engage in mission. God needs us to share our experience of the Living Christ. Let us, like my friend, begin our day by asking God what we can do for Christ’s mission. Let us also listen for a response and then act. This opportunity might be the one waiting for our response.

Prayer for Peace Great Listener, we thank you for the mentors in our lives. Help us listen to them and by doing so come closer to you. May we then encourage others to listen for ways to share peace.

Spiritual Practice: Praying with a Partner Pray with a partner if possible, or imagine Christ sitting with you. The heart is a center of compassion and spiritual connection. Stand or sit across from your partner with hands open and palms up. Invite your partner to place his or her hands, palms down, on your hands. Close your eyes and be aware of the connection between your heart and your partner’s heart. What needs, feelings, or longings do you sense? Invite God’s presence to flow into you, and move from your heart to the heart of your partner. Feel or see God’s healing light and love flowing between your hearts. After silent prayer, thank God and your partner. Say, “Amen.” (You also may pray this prayer by envisioning a particular person across from you.)

Peace Covenant Today, God, I will do what you want me to do.

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  1. Vera Entwistle

     /  26 August 2014

    Good morning, Wendy. Good story to start the day.


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