God is Among US

Sunday, September 7

9-7aBy Janné Grover of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, USA

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.”

—Matthew 18:20 NRSV

Community is complicated and amazing. It can be a source of great healing and blessing, nurture and support. It also can be a source of tension and angst, hurt feelings and disagreements.

As members of the family of God, we belong to and are responsible for one another. It is true that we often hurt, and are hurt by, those with whom we feel closest. What is amazing about true and sacred community is not the absence of conflict and pain, but how we engage with one another to address and resolve such issues.

If Christ is truly among us, then we find ourselves living the sometimes-difficult disciple practice of shared experiences in community. In Christian community we risk relationships with people who differ from us in many ways. Celebrating and learning from the differences frees us from isolation and individualism to joy and Blessings of Community.

I grew up feeling I had to be perfect. My parents seemed perfect, and the outward appearance of our family seemed perfect. I was imperfect. What I have come to learn is true family community is not about being perfect, but loving one another despite our imperfections.

Such is the case in any community, where two or three gather in the name of Christ. We do not have to put on masks of perfection to be part of community. We need to be vulnerable to grace by being vulnerable to one another and by committing to love one another in and through the reality of true community.

Prayer for Peace Ever-present God, we call for you when we are burdened. Forgive us for not trusting that you already are with us. May we be aware you are near and share the peace of your presence.

Spiritual Practice: Time with God Sit quietly and let your breathing become calm and deep. Ask God’s Spirit to rest on you. See or sense the Spirit anointing you in the form of light or other images that might come. Ask to be made aware of God’s love. Listen to the ways in which God wants to flow from your heart.

Peace Covenant Today, God, when I am among community, I will be with you.

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  1. nhylton1@comcast.net

     /  7 September 2014

    Hello Lu, I have really appreciated all your effort for the on line Daily Bread.  It is so helpful. I am enclosing some things that you might use.  This kind of go in spurts for me:) Also will look through and send some pics that might be helpful Blessings Nancy


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