God – End of Rope – God

Wednesday, October 8

10-8By Lu Mountenay of Independence, Missouri, USA

Nevertheless, I have heard your prayers when you have cried out to me, and I have been with you in the places where you occupy. I am aware of your desires to serve me and my assurance is that as you go forth, your offerings of faith and service are acceptable to me.

—Doctrine and Covenants 157:16b

One day I found myself struggling. I didn’t have enough time, energy, or money to finish a project in which I had invested myself. I imagined how I wanted it to look, and it just wasn’t happening. In my frustration…

I gave up.

I threw in the towel.

I came to the end of my rope.

I literally closed the door on the project, so I wouldn’t have to see the “failure.” I went to the patio and sat down to think. I took a deep breath and asked myself, “What went wrong?” I was trying to fill a charitable need, so why wasn’t God helping me?

Then one phrase returned to haunt me, “I came to the end of my rope.” I could imagine myself, going through the steps of the project as if I were holding onto a rope. My arms crossed over each other as I pulled myself from task to task, becoming tired. The rope was taut, as if something were pulling at each end. I didn’t feel like I was making any progress. I was just going through the motions. “Where are you, God?”

I gave one final pull, and the end of the rope came loose in my hand. I envisioned a message: “I am here.” I realized the firm hold on the rope was not resistance, but support. God kept the rope, and me, from falling to the floor.

Well then, I thought, what about the other end of the rope? I pulled it loose, and I found another message, “I have been with you since the beginning.”

I took another deep breath. I no longer asked what I did wrong. Instead, I asked what parts of the project I did right. I recognized God in these parts. I saw my own ego in the other parts. Back to the drawing board—this time, with faith in the One who finds my service acceptable.

Prayer for Peace Ever-present God, we know you are with us from the beginning. Help us be aware and to appreciate divine intersections. May we devote our time to sharing Christ’s peace.

Spiritual Practice: Examining God’s Call to Me and to All When has God seemed most real in your life? How and when has God called you to use your energies and gifts? When have you felt God’s love in your life? When have you felt disconnected or resistant to God’s call? How do your gifts and callings connect with the call of God you notice in your family, friends, congregation, or community?

Peace Covenant Today, God, I will stop to notice and appreciate your presence before I embark on Christ’s mission.

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  1. Cara Clifford

     /  18 October 2014

    Thank you Linda. Loved this. Love, Cara

  2. Mikal Shedd

     /  8 October 2014

    A much needed reminder, especially just now. Thank-you!


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