A Tight Vessel

Tuesday, October 14

10-14By Cindy L. Korf of North Platte, Nebraska, USA

And when they were buried in the deep, there was no water that could hurt them, their vessels being tight like a dish, and also they were tight like the ark of Noah.

—Ether 3:8

In the story of the Jaredites, God directs them to cross the ocean to a choice land. I would have thought, “This will be a pleasant trip—with peaceful ocean breezes and smooth waters.” On the contrary, God told the brother of Jared to build vessels “tight as a dish” because there would be waves that would cover and swallow the vessels.

I often think that if I’m traveling the path God directed me to travel, it should be “easy sailing,” with smooth waters and pleasant ocean breezes. But, like the Jaredites, the journey is not always smooth. At times, the journey fills with turbulent seas, violent storms, and dark nights of the soul. The miracle of it, though, is that God provided direction for the Jaredites to have the means—tight vessels—for a safe, though not necessarily easy, journey.

Even for us today, God knows there are difficulties and provides the means for us to have a safe journey through the presence of the Holy Spirit, who never leaves us.

Prayer for Peace Nurturing God, assure us of your presence when our souls are dark. Bring us through the rough waters to the peace of Christ.

Spiritual Practice: Psalm Writing The psalms are prayers of honesty and trust. The psalmist trusts God’s presence in times of fear and failure, joy and plenty, growth and change. Write a short psalm-prayer expressing to God the truth about your physical, emotional, and spiritual state. What are your deepest feelings, longings, and needs? What prayer of praise, intercession, or petition flows from you as you consider your life and the life of God’s world?

Peace Covenant Today, God, I will set aside expectations that life will be easy. I will prepare for the journey and have faith in your care.

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  1. Gladys Geis

     /  14 October 2014

    Thanks much for these thoughts.

  2. Carol Cease Campbell

     /  14 October 2014

    Thank you so much for this story from the Book of Mormon. So many people are ignorant of the treasures in this scripture.


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