About Daily Bread

As followers of Jesus Christ, we all are called to deepen our discipleship.

Daily Bread is a simple and compelling way to help. This daily blog includes a scripture that follows the Revised Common Lectionary as well as an inspirational story, a short prayer for peace and a peace covenant. Each week will feature a specific spiritual practice to focus on in addition to the daily content.

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If you’d like to submit a story for consideration in Daily Bread, please email those to lmountenay@CofChrist.org.

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  1. Richard Davis

     /  1 April 2015

    Is this site about ending poverty or not. After years of studying the economics of poverty, I have discovered that poverty in advanced countries has one and only one cause–that we do not apply to poverty the basic law of economics known as the Law of the Clearing Price. .This law states that we have poverty because the aggregate price of labor (all compensted endeavor) is higher than the clearing price–the price at which all labor is absorbed. Economists know this, but for some reason they never tell us about it. No matter what we do to increase productivity and to increase the saleability of the labor of the poor, we have reached the limit of how much we can reduce poverty without addressing theL aw of the Clearing Price. Is there anyone who is interested enough in the plight of the poor to investigate the issue?

  2. Charlotte Johnson

     /  17 January 2015

    I have friends who see the daily bread regularly. Why can I not find it?

  3. Cathy Baker

     /  3 August 2014

    I would love to receive the Daily Bread each morning. I have subscribed, but have not received any postings. Hmmmmm
    Please help.

  4. Marilyn Macdonald

     /  26 July 2014

    I am looking for an archived Daily Bread devotional dated January 21, 1980. Can you help me?

  5. Margaret Filer

     /  5 June 2014

    Does anyone read this Blog or does anyone care? I have written Herald House and posted comments here and I have NEVER heard from anyone.

  6. Margaret Filer

     /  10 April 2014

    Ok, another problem with only having the DB on line. I am speaking on Easter. I would like to be able to read the DB for the week before Easter as I prepare my thoughts for my message. NO CAN DO!!!

  7. Margaret Filer

     /  7 March 2014

    Tonight I am writing on behalf of Roseanne. I was with Roseanne yesterday and she expressed again to me how much she misses her Daily Bread. She does not have a computer and does not have access to one. She isn’t able to attend church on a weekly bases so the Herald and the Daily Bread were her ‘staff’. They helped her walk her path with her God and church. Bill has also shared his frustrations. He like many others have been forced to turn to other publications for their daily devotionals. I agree with Debbie, I hope that you will reevaluate this being the ONLY way of receiving the Daily Bread. Sincerely, Disappointed and Frustrated.

  8. Debbie Noel

     /  1 February 2014

    I too am frustrated that many of the people that read Daily Bread faithfully because they do not have computer access. But you cannot even have the daily bread ready to read on that day My only quiet time I’d in the morning and I can’t even enjoy because someone made a decision that people have no availability to. I should not have to change my life because the system is inept AND someone is not doing their job. I think if you reevaluate this year y o u lost slot of Daily Bread readers trying to fit into society’s needs instead of the needs of Gods peoples

  9. Margaret Filer

     /  17 December 2013

    My frustration is growing as the end of my Daily Bread Devotions Book approaches. In addition to the loss of the printed book, I have not had any response from Herald House to my correspondence or has there been any response to the blogs that have been posted here. This all adds to the feeling that ‘no one is listening’ or ‘no one really cares’ I would really like to know if we can have a CD of the DB. Our congregation could at least make sets of copies (say for 3 months at a time) and provide to our members and friends that do not have access to computers.

  10. Dawn P

     /  7 December 2013

    I am shocked to learn that the Daily Bread will not be printed for 2014. Not EVERYONE has computers. With this decision you leave many older members and friends without the daily inspiration they have used for years. I thought that our church was to reach all people in all areas???? I truly hope that you can come up with a different avenue for those without technology ability or opportunity.

  11. Randall Cole

     /  2 December 2013

    It seems that the daily bread is actually the day behind bread! Each day is actually the previous days selection. Such as todays is for Dec. 1….yesterday. I too, am disappointed with the churches stand on discontinuing the publishing of the daily bread. My mother-in-law (95) has traditionally used them as Christmas gifts for her children and even Grandchildren. Now there is no opportunity for her to share that message that comes with her explaining why it is important to stop each day and remember the reason we all are here on God’s earth. Instead we must explain that Grandma’s Church cannot afford to plubish this anymore.
    I understand budgets but I am also, trying to understand what faith is, and sometimes I see bottom lines and faith are not about the same things. I can only have Faith that those eliminating the publication of the Daily Bread are considering the lives of those Saints who were raised utilizing the published version can be provided for by current and available online publications that may be printed out in advance for those without internet. I would like to provide my mother-in-law next years Daily Bread in advance, not a day late at a time.

  12. Donald G. Brown

     /  30 November 2013

    I am deeply & utterly disappointed with Herald House’s and the church’s decision to stop the print/book version of Daily Bread – there are just so many readers now who will be unable to read it and will be left behind, and it seems HH could absolutely care less. Why does every HH decision have to be made based on profits & money? I disagree strongly with your decision to make it a Blog only, as it conveys the message that you really could care less about many faithful Daily Bread readers who will now lose access to this resource.

  13. Margaret Filer

     /  25 November 2013

    I am in total agreement with J. Manning. I wrote a letter to Herald House about 3 weeks ago and offered a page for members to sign and leave a comment if they would like. I had 21 individuals sign my letter and none of them are happy about the new format. I suggested that the book be made available on CD so my congregation can at lest make copies and provide them to several of our members that do not have or do not do computers. The blog is good and may reach a whole new audience but I feel like we have just thrown a whole section of readers ‘under the bus’ so to speak. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!!!!

  14. Justice A. Manning

     /  6 October 2013

    As I understand the intent of the church, beginning in January 2014 Daily Bread will be available only on this blog. By doing so, many people who have followed Daily Bread for years will be “cut off” from this wholesome devotional guide because they do NOT have a computer or easy access to one. Is there not some way to reconsider? Please pray about it. Sometimes more than the “bottom line” of money/cost should be considered.

  15. Wayne McLean

     /  28 July 2013

    I can relate to this story. Very good that it worked its way out. It may have resulted better for us If prayed at the time of our family troubled times.

  16. Daniel

     /  15 March 2013

    I enjoyed reading, but I really wish that form time to time you would use many of the wonderful Spiritual Food found in the Pages of the Book of Mormon, many Blessings..

  17. Integrated Communications

     /  20 September 2012

    Hi friends! You can submit articles for consideration to lmountenay@CofChrist.org.

  18. linda holder

     /  20 September 2012

    I would also like to submit articles, have written for Daily Bread but enjoying this on-line format.

  19. Dennis Aldridge

     /  26 July 2012

    How do I submit articles to Daily Bread?

  20. Leanne Sowers

     /  28 March 2012

    We signed up to receive each installment on a daily basis in the a.m. and it has been rather hit and miss. The last one we received was Sunday, March 25th. Any idea what the problem might be? I have not found any other place online to inquire.

    Thanks for any help!


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